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Custom Kiosks

Five Faces can source and build custom kiosks to suit your requirements using the Five Faces platform. Custom kiosks can be integrated into shop fit outs, product stands, or even a custom, standalone kiosk tailored specifically for your store and its individual needs. These kiosks can be used for entire ordering systems, online shopping, wayfinding, customer feedback, loyalty programs, product information or self-service systems for customers to utilise.

Kiosks have various key benefits on the Five Faces platform:
* Provides customers with a more immersive and inviting experience with your brand
* Allow customers to take part in a more tailored interaction whilst in-store with your digital and social channels, as well as loyalty programs
* Integrate online sales into the retail environment with full reporting, all the way to click and collect
* Allow customers a way to check stock and product information without interacting with staff
* Product wayfinding and price checks for your store to provide a more efficient experience for your customer, and to minimise the need for these tasks being performed by staff members

Should you have a custom kiosk or project in mind, Five Faces can undertake the kiosk development, software setup and development, full installation and ongoing support. If you would like to devise a secure, dynamic and contemporary customer experience, contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your project requirements.



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