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Digital Menu Boards


Digital Menu Boards

The use of digital menu boards on the Five Faces platform in a restaurant or eatery environment have some distinct advantages over paper/static digital menus, including:

* Immediate control over pricing per store or region, allowing for quick promotions to drive increased sales
* Functionality to remove items from the menu that are not currently available to reduce customer dissatisfaction
* Automated change of menus based on time of day, day of week, including daily specials to reduce print and administrative costs
* Animated videos and animations, increasing visibility and influencing sales
* Create a more up-to-date and aesthetically pleasing visual environment for better customer experience, resulting in greater satisfaction and repeat visitation of customers

Whether you are a small establishment or an entire franchise, Five Faces can provide a complete solution that includes installation, support and design. Alternatively we can use your existing infrastructure to plug into the Five Faces platform, enabling you to have better control over your digital menu boards and increased monitoring. Contact us to learn more about the numerous benefits of a Five Faces digital menu and how it can improve customer experience.




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