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Interactive Digital Directory Boards

Digital Directory Boards.

Hospitals can be complicated environments with multiple, sprawling buildings, and quite often facilities and doctors can change locations without much warning. Therefore, a common frustration with visitors and patients is the inability to find where they need to go. By implementing clear digital signage this frustration can be alieviated. Digital Directory Boards on the Five Faces platform have numerous key benefits as outlined below:

* Ability to centrally control and alter names and locations for each board
* Allow a search function to have customers find the clinician or service they are seeking quickly and efficiently
* Support multiple languages and audio support for those with hearing impairments
* If a clinician is not in the same building as the directory that is being used, a map of the facility can appear guiding the visitor/patient to the right building
* Screensaver based messages to communicate to customers when no one is interacting with the system will maximise communication

Digital Directories are a great way to enhance visitor experiences and Five Faces can provide the entire solution, from hardware, software, installation and management services. If you're interested in creating a connected experience for staff, patients and visitors alike, contact us to discuss your digital directory needs.





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