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In-Store Digital Signage


In-Store Digital Signage

In-Store Digital Signage on the Five Faces platform allows for central management of content on screens across a network of stores and regions. The benefits of implementing digital signage to your storefront are manifold:

* Storefront digital signage has been proven to increase foot traffic with timely, dynamic and relevant content being presented to customers as they walk by
* In-Store digital signage has been proven to increase product and offer awareness, drive multiple channel sales, increase basket size and influence sale choices at point of purchase
* In-Store digital signage can also be used before/after hours to provide training and corporate communications to staff making your digital signage a useful training tool on top of all of the other customer-based benefits
* Remove unengaging paper and posters in favour of more effective, stylish, modern and dynamic media
* Digital Signage can be used as part of visual merchandising to re-inforce product information and sales
* Add to the customer experience with relevant, timely content and drive customers to other channels with social media updates and online deals - this can encourage customers to spend up to five times more than if they were exposed to a single channel
* Increase supplier revenue through advertising opportunities on the digital signage network

Digital signage on the Five Faces platform not only allows for the ability to control centrally, but through mobile access to screens local influences can make sign content more relevant. The Five Faces platform powers thousands of in-store digital signage networks across Australia, UK, Asia and New Zealand. If you like the idea of creating a visually pleasing and connected experience for customers to help boost sales and traffic, contact us today to arrange a meeting with one of our specialists.




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