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Five Faces OmniMirror and OmniMirror Lite is an extremely unique and powerful interactive mirror that blurs the lines between shopping in-store, online and social media.

A customer that engages in more than one retail channel is likely to spend three times as much with that retailer than a customer who engages in just one. OmniMirror emphasises the importance of exposing and encouraging your customer to take part in more than one channel.

OmniMirror is able to engage the customer, influence purchasing decisions, encourage loyalty program registrations and distribute products and brand to customers’ friends, who can then proceed to purchase online if they like what they see. This is the power of OmniMirror. You can also configure OmniMirror to deliver promotions to the customer if they take a photo or shop online, giving them instant gratification.

Retailers who have implemented OmniMirror have reported fantastic results, including:

* Greater customer satisfaction and enjoyment
* Greater uplift in in-store sales
* Greater traffic to website
* Significant increase to Facebook ‘Likes’
* Increase in loyalty program sign-ups
* Significant brand distribution & customer engagement

OmniMirror is a highly customised system as it is an extension of the Five Faces platform and can be extended to do augmented reality.

Contact us for a presentation with case studies on our customers across the Retail and Hospitality industries.

OmniMirror also comes as an iPad app to allow for photos to be taken and uploaded straight to your Business Facebook Page with a branding border and link that can be configured.




OmniMirror App is an iPad app that allows your business to capture events in real time and share it on your Facebook business page directly. Be it a retailers VIP night, a nightclub event or anything in the middle, you can use OmniMirror Lite to share it with your followers on Facebook instantly.

OmniMirror App can be configured on multiple iPads to post to the same or many Facebook albums, allowing you to capture all aspects of your event and have your Facebook fans get involved in this connected experience. Customers have reported significant increases to Facebook interactions, online sales and loyalty sign ups.

Configurations are extremely easy via the settings menu where you can change the message that posts with each photo as well as the Album name and description. OmniMirror App further allows you to configure a branding border with each photo, allowing your brand to go viral with the photos.

Interested in purchasing the OmniMirror App? Simply sign up for the Apple Business App Store and then Contact Us to authorise your purchase.

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