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Patient Entertainment and Engagement

Patient Entertainment and Engagement

The world of patient entertainment is changing. Where once having movies, TV and educational videos was enough; the demands from patients are now changing. Patients want to be able to be connected with the outside world, share messages, search information and even communicate with the hospital staff from their bedside. Digital Video Services like Google Play and Netflix make access to paid entertainment easier than ever. The world of kiosks and digital media are going to soon transform the way hospitals provide patient entertainment.

Using the Five Faces platform, hospitals can:

- Provide informative and call to action messages centrally to single, multiple and all bed digital entertainment systems to increase patient communication
- Allow patient login to enable kiosk-style access to approved websites, social media, information sources
- Allow patients the ability to watch videos from sources such as Foxtel Play, Netflix and Google Play
- Allow the nuses/doctors to enter a special code to access patient information/scans and other details (this requires integration) to increase workplace efficiency and patient confidentiality

On the Five Faces platform, we can transform your patients experience during their stay in your hospital. Contact us if you are interested in a new approach to patient entertainment and engagement.



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