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Point Of Sale Digital Signage


Point Of Sale Digital Signage (POS)

Influence your customers at Point of Purchase to expand basket size, increase purchase value or influence post-purchase behavior (loyalty programs, mobile apps and other call to actions) with Point Of Sale Digital Signage. Our customers have reported to us sales increases of advertised products at over 25% with campaigns.

POS Digital Signage on the Five Faces platform has multiple key benefits, including:

* Instant control and changing of messages based on time of day, day of week and even instant messaging when events occur to drive sales and quick communication to your customers

* Allow local sites to pick what product they wish to push with approval processes from head office, reducing waste and increasing targeted sales

* Choose an interactive screen to allow loyalty sign-ups, customer feedback or other engagement directly from the screen with full reporting and storing of messages

* Cycle promotions and remove static poster clutter to reduce print costs and maximise customer exposure

* Digital signage has been proven to reach more clients with this visually engaging animated medium, which in turn has resulted in increased sales

* Add to the visual environment of the store, increasing customer experience and reducing your carbon footprint with reduced paper waste

POS solutions on the Five Faces platform have the added benefit of being fully reportable, remotely managed and supports the ability to integrate with POS systems and other influencers (weather) to make the network automated, dynamic and engaging. If you would like to create a more connected experience with your customers, contact Five Faces to learn more.





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