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School / University Digital Signage

School / University Digital Signage

Schools and universities can benefit from digital signage to enhance communication across the campus to staff, students and visitors alike. On the Five Faces platform, administration can:

* Control and schedule messages on individual/multiple/all screens across a campus from a central point to display time/day specific messages
* Give permission for individual faculties to control areas of the screen with visibility or approval process from head office
* Synchronise date/time across the campus and make that visible to students and teachers alike to reduce delays
* Allow instant messages to quickly deploy emergency notifications to one/multiple/all screens from a central platform
* Integrate with alarm or fire systems to establish emergency exit or other instructions automatically

By employing digital signage around campuses, staff and students will feel more connected and informed. With multi-lingual capabilities, students, staff and visitors of all nationalities can receive messages quickly and concisely. From increased accessability to reducing paper waste - the benefits of digital signage is innumerable. Contact Five Faces to find out more.

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