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Social Media Wall

Social Media Wall

Social Media Walls are a great way to integrate your social media and online channels into your physical environment. On the Five Faces platform, we can design and build a social media wall to engage your customers and suit your needs including:

* Automating social media feeds of sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Flickr, Youtube, Tumblr and more
* Designing the feed to your specification, and to allow central control over update frequency, what message forms are displayed, and basic filtering capabilities to keep the media relevant
* Integration of advertising allowing you to put in direct communication on the video wall and schedule accordingly
* Employing a different channel at each site as required to remain relevant and connected to the customers within that location

At Five Faces we believe in creating lively, immersive and relevant digital solutions to maximise positive and connected customer experiences. If you are interested in encouraging customers to partake in a more connected and interactive experience with your brand, contact Five Faces to find out more about our Social Media Walls and other products.

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