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Tablet Kiosks

Tablet Kiosks

Tablets have significantly lowered the cost and complexity of providing an interactive kiosk experience and allow the integration of your web or social channels into your store environment. Tablet kiosks on the Five Faces platform allow retailers and restaurateurs the ability to:

* Securely display websites/bespoke applications with central management, monitoring and control
* Lock down the tablet (Windows/Android/Apple) to only function as you wish and  the ability to be controlled remotely
* Collect information from all devices and integrate with your loyalty program systems, or receive them as a simple excel file
* Obtain reports on how often devices are being used, how they are used and what the users are doing

All of the above is possible on the Five Faces platform. This platform allows for incredible customisation abilities, along with superior management and controls to ensure you are getting the most out of your tablet kiosk. Whether you want to display advertisements, encourage customers to sign up for store competitions or loyalty incentives or immerse people with light entertainment while they're in your establishment - we can help. We have a wide range of hardware solutions for tablet kiosks as well as tablet sizes from 8 inch to 22 inch tablets to meet your requirements. If you're wanting a larger screen, visit our Kiosks section of the website for more details.

To design and implement your intuitive and engaging digital solution, contact Five Faces to discuss your tablet kiosk ideas and requirements.

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