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Videowalls are a powerful way to engage, entertain, excite and immerse your customers. The latest technological developments have made videowalls more affordable, and easier to implement.

Benefits of videowalls with Five Faces:

* Allows large displays to excite and captivate customers in passing, dwelling or to enhance experience within a store or waiting room setting
* Solutions are able to fit across poles/ceilings and in any configuration required to maximise awareness
* Perfect for large impact and interactivity through applications such as social media walls, sales promotions and allowing customers to engage with the screen using their smart device

On the Five Faces platform, you can control individual screens or the entire videowall independently, or if desired you can give control of certain partitions of the screen to local/other management. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of installing a Five Faces video wall, contact us today and speak to our specialists.



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