Customisations, Data Feeds and Integration

Five Faces is an enterprise software development house and the Five Faces platform allows for easy integration with content related articles such as news feeds, weather feeds, video broadcasts, web streams and more. The Five Faces platform can also integrate POS systems, eCommerce, loyalty programs and websites for kiosk-driven activity. Listed below are just a few of the integration projects undertaken by Five Faces:

* POS integration to allow transactions to be made using a kiosk in-store, with orders fulfilled and paid for at the counter
* Weather integration - allowing the administrator to set rules on what content is to play depending on the local weather of that particular site
* Demographic integration - allowing the administrator to set rules on what content is to be played depending on the gender, age, or number of people in front of the screen
* Microsoft Kinect integration - allowing a more immersive and responsive experience to customer interaction as well as augmented reality experiences
* Custom software development to build kiosk applications, web application and mobile apps
* Mobile App integration to combine the Five Faces platform content delivery to Mobile Applications

If you have a specific requirement that does not fit with off-the-shelf options, we can extend the Five Faces platform to create the experience you are looking for. We are highly experienced in the digital space and our software developers have worked with these technologies for years - giving us the ability to create, deploy and manage robust solutions in staggering timeframes.

Please contact us for more information and to discuss your project integration requirements.

Augmented Reality (Microsoft Kinect) Project for Val Morgan Outdoor.

Demographic Integration on The Five Faces Platform

Sportsgirl OmniMirror.






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