Kiosk CMS

The Five Faces platform contains a comprehensive Kiosk Content Management System that will allow you to control and report on your network of kiosks, tablets or any other interactive device, and will be customised to meet your requirements. The Five Faces platform allows you to build enterprise kiosk applications with central management, monitoring and reporting very quickly, all at a competitive price. Some of the capabilities of the Five Faces platform when managing interactive devices are:

* Ability to lock down the environment (Windows/Android/Apple) to a particular website, list of apps or a bespoke application
* Reports on usage, interactions, transactions and custom reports from a central point (cloud based)
* Ability to change content on the Kiosk network by location, area and time of day from a central location
* Ability to integrate with POS, eCommerce, loyalty programs or any third party system as required
* Full monitoring and remote management

If you have a kiosk project in mind, contact Five Faces today and we can help architect, build and deploy the right solution tailored specifically for you and your needs.


Lorna Jane Data Collection Tablet Kiosk

Terry White Bespoque Kiosk


Westfield Menu Kiosk

Target Online Shopping Kiosk


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