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Bupa Optical Digital Signage

Bupa Optical Digital Signage

Bupa Optical reached out to Five Faces to discuss a number of initiatives designed to take better advantage of their digital network.  They determined that the Five Faces Platform was the right solution to meet their growing needs, and engaged us to provide a complete end-to-end solution. Five Faces was responsible for the procurement of hardware, configuration, project management and installation across Queensland and Victoria and the provision of App development services for the project.

The Hardware & Installation

Bupa Optical required 3 x 55inch screens recessed into walls in portrait mode at different locations in Queensland and Victoria. Five Faces selected LG Commercial Grade Panels as the hardware solution, and a combination of Intel Compute Sticks for the single displays and commercial grade players for the videowall implementation. Bupa Optical provided WiFi access to the players to connect to the internet, and that is all that is required for the Five Faces Platform to function. Traditionally, recessed screens have a management problem associated with any maintenance activities as often players have to be mounted in ceilings, behind fixings or lengthy cabling to a back of house server rack. 

Five Faces utilised commercial grade articulated mounts with locking mechanisms to allow for the entire screen to be easily pulled out from the recess, allowing access to the equipment mounted directly behind it. As the players selected are a very small form factorl, it allows for easy mounting and configuration. The benefit of such an implementation is that site staff can perform basic tasks such as restarting, and even replacing hardware as the FIve Faces Platform is preconfigured to plug and play. This significantly reduces the need to budget for technician call outs and also reduces delays in resolving common issues that occur from time to time such as power failur


Articulated Mounts

Appointment App:

Bupa Optical wanted to change the appointments were displayed to customers. The challenge is that the appointments change frequently, and it is important that the site staff can make these changes as and when required. The previous solution used was a paper based A-Frame that allowed staff to use magnetic stickers to change appointment availability. Bupa Optical felt that although this solution is common, it took up valuable floor space, was cumbersome to maintain, and did not achieve the level of engagement that could be achieved through technology such as the digital screens. 

Bupa Optical A-Frame

The Five Faces Platform allows for multi-level control, and a small mobile friendly app was built to allow each local site the ability to login from their phones or computers and change the appointment availability in real time, and have it reflected on the screens within 30 seconds. This app can be scheduled by head office as part of the content mix for the digital screens, or choose to dedicate one screen to the appointments, and head office have oversight to the activities done by the site staff.  The app built was extremely simply to use, allowing staff at each site to simply deselect times that are no longer available and submit to have it be reflected on the screens. When no appointments are available, the content changes to ask customers to come in and enquire about appointments in the future.


Bupa Optical Appointment App



For anyone that has prescription glasses, trying new frames can be a real challenge. Taking off your present pair of glasses means losing clear eyesight, and that makes evaluating the new frames a tough thing to do when on your own.  This is the problem that Bupa Optical were looking to solve for the Customer. Five Faces looked at how to digitise this process and utilised its OmniMirror technology in a small format tablet. The Aopen eTile was used as the hardware with a high definition camera connected, and OmniMirror was deployed on it, with a handy customisation for Bupa Optical.

OmniMirror allows the the ability for Customers to take a photo of themselves on an interactive mirror and then review the photos. This allows a customer the ability to take a photo with the new frame, and then put on the old frames in order to be able to see how they look. The customer can also compare frames by taking multiple photos from different angles, as shown below with a screenshot.

The system will assist customers in comparing frames and making an informed and satisfactory decision. Further to this, the Customer can also take a photo or a comparison and share it with loved ones via Email or Facebook, to assist in getting that final approval from those that matter. All photos are branded Bupa Optical, allowing the brand to go with the photo where ever the customer shares it.  This is all done via the interactive digital mirror.


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