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Mater Private Clinic - Interactive Directories

Mater Private Clinic - Interactive Directories

Mater Private Clinic - a part of Mater Group - boasts an impressive clinical profile with specialists in Neurology, Rehabilitation, Urology, Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, Infectious Diseases and, well, the list could go on. However, with such a variety of specialties, finding the right place to go when a patient arrives to the building can be quite difficult.

To improve patient experience at the clinic, Mater Health Services engaged Five Faces to deploy interactive directories at the lobby entry. Visitors/patients are greeted with a familiar directory, but instead of just looking for the name and finding the corresponding floor, they can now interact with the directory. 

Visitors/Patients can:

  • Search for a facility or clinician by name

  • Find the floor/room number associated

  • Pull a guided map to the clinic

  • Optimised for the diversely-abled

  • Future allowance for multi-lingual capabilities 

Five Faces Interactive Directories have had a great reception by both staff and visitors, and our recorded usage data shows that visitors/patients are using the features above heavily, with very positive feedback. The top half of the screen allows Mater Marketing to communicate key messages to patients/visitors remotely and to change those messages by time of day, day of month and beyond.

Technical Aspects:

  • Hardware: Philips Commerical Multi-Touch Displays

  • Software: The Five Faces Platform with the Interactive Directory App

  • Installation: Custom Made Black Housing

If you're a part of a health organisation and want to your establishment to provide a connected experience to your clients, you can find out more about our digital solutions by contacting us today.

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