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Mater Youth Queue Line & Wayfinding

Mater Youth Queue Line & Wayfinding

Mater Hospital was looking to implement an end-to-end Queue Line, Engagement and Wayfinding Solution for their new multi-purpose series of clinics targetted at youth health services.  This new section of the hospital would be unique in that different clinics would operate in different locations on certain days, and this could change frequently.  This required a dynamic approach to what used to be static signage. 

Five Faces were engaged to provide the complete solution for Mater Hospital.  Utilising LG Commercial panels powered on the Five Faces platform, we were able to setup a solution that allowed an automated process for Mater Hospital that would allow:

- Select administration staff could from their computers or phone,  Enter what clinic is open and in what corridor the clinic is located in, as well as what queue the visitors should join when arriving.

- Based on information entered, the Five Faces platform will in real time, display the clinic names in each Queue Line so visitors knew exactly where to register upon arrival.  A large portrait screen would inform the visitors what corridor to visit to find their clinic after registration. 

- Digital Screens at each Corridor will inform the customer once more where they are and which direction they should walk to reach the clinic.

- Customers are presented with information, advertising and entertainment content while they wait that are tailored for the environment, and controlled by headoffice (marketing and communications). This information included entertainment, news, as well as relevant advertisements, all centrally and remotely controlled by time of day or day of week, and on specific sections of the screens as required.

Five Faces worked with Mater Operational and Project Managers to deploy the network alongside the building refurbishment. This included solution and software design across multiple stakeholders, configuration of the Five Faces platform, procurement of hardware, project management and installation, and ongoing support services for the life of the project.







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