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The Five Faces platform is a powerful scheduling, content management and monitoring system with significant customisation options to meet your specific requirements. This section provides a very introductory dive into our platform to give you an idea on how easy it is to perform basic scheduling and content activities on your network. If there are features in the demonstration below that you wanted to see more of, or something is not quite up to your expectation contact us for a live demonstration of the entire platform.

Logging In

The Five Faces platform is an enterprise software platform based on Amazon Web Services hosted across key regions - Australia, Singapore, Ireland and US - on a distributed network. This allows us to manage the largest of networks across geographical boundaries and deliver you a service with over 99.99% uptime. Any planned upgrades or unplanned downtimes will not impact the content on devices, only access to the server.

Logging in to your platform is as easy as visiting the website ( and entering your login details. Login uses updated SSL to ensure security is maintained throughout the entire login process and use of the system. Just ensure to log out once complete. Upon logging in you will see a snapshot of your network, including the number of sites, media files and users on the system, as well as access some quick functions such as adding media files and scheduling. The video below shows the login process:

Monitoring Systems

You can view all of your devices - which, by using the Five Faces platform will work on any Android or Windows powered device - from the Player section of the platform. Here you will see a list of all the players, details about them and a traffic light (green/red) to let you know if they are online or offline. Clicking on the traffic light will bring up live hardware statistics on the player so you can see key health information such as hard drive, processor load, temperature and IP addresses of the device. Email alerts can be set to trigger notifications upon hardware health issues. 

A player can be restarted from this menu directly. One of the many powerful features of the platform is the ability to schedule the screens to turn on and off at different times of day from the system. Finally, a report can be created for a player, letting you know any downtime that the system has had. This is demonstrated below.

Multiple screens can be connected to an individual player and this is yet another advanced function of the Five Faces platform. We can discuss your player and network requirements in more detail when you contact us for a consultation.

Managing Media Files

The Five Faces platform acts as a central repository for all media files on your network and can be accessed via the media file section. This section contains all the media files uploaded and their associated details. Files can be grouped and filtered as required, downloaded for viewing and reported on. A standard proof of play report is provided and can detail the number of times the file has played across the network, and a breakdown of how many times it played on each screen. These features are demonstrated below.

Third Party File Upload

The Five Faces platform gives administrators the ability to authorise third parties to upload and manage a media portal of their own. This access will only allow them to upload and view media files as they require, whilst the administrator will remain in control of scheduling on the network. Multiple portals can be created for different parties, eliminating the need for large file sending, Dropbox and other file transfer requirements. This feature allows a more collaborative approach in media file creation and distribution.


Scheduling is one of the most powerful capabilites on the Five Faces platform. With our platform you are given the ability to:

- Schedule files/groups of files on one, multiple or all screens at various times

- Set priorities to permit immediate changes

- Delay the distribution of files to after hours/before hours as required by IT policies

- Email yourself a list of sites that did not receive content by a certain period of time

- Create playlists of media files for scheduling, and allow specific media files to only play at specific sites

- Monitor the files being sent to site to ensure playback and place alerts

- View the created schedules in a simple calendar view

- Set timings that can be different on each site. The Five Faces platform deals with day light savings and timezone differences

- Set earlier expiry time for certain media files and extend/copy campaigns with just one click

Demonstrated below is the Simple Scheduling feature of the Five Faces platform. We pride ourselves on providing a platform that is intuitive, easy to use and most importantly, will carry out a range of tasks suited to your individual needs. For a demonstration of more Advanced Scheduling in the Five Faces platform, contact us.

Templates / Zoning

Within the Five Faces platform contains the ability to schedule instant messages or zone a screen on the network accordingly. This area is used for requirements such as:

* Allowing a local site to control certain areas of the content themselves with head office visibility

* Allowing quick changes of content for simple networks

* Having localised pricing or messaging on the screen

* Removing local content as required

* Allowing local influences to impact content

* Allowing content on different areas of the screen

* Obtaining data feeds or other integration

These Templates are built to requirement. Contact Five Faces with your own and our consultants can discuss your options with you further.

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