Improving everyone’s experience of health services.

Five Faces is a leading provider of digital solutions to the healthcare industry.

Built on the belief that everyone deserves a positive healthcare experience, we aim to deliver the future of healthcare communications by making information quickly and easily available. Everything we do is designed to deliver innovative patient engagement and visitor care.

The same cloud-based enterprise platform utilised by blue-chip companies has been adapted for the dynamic requirements of healthcare facilities of all sizes. Our solutions transform engagement by linking the digital world and the physical environment for instant, relevant and shareable health experiences.

The result is a new paradigm – an engagement platform for seamless information, education and entertainment.

Introducing our leadership team

Yazz Krishna, CEO and Founder

Yazz is a skilled entrepreneur who enjoys embracing new ways of looking at existing practices. These talents, along with a lifelong fascination with technology and communications allows Yazz to provide clients with targeted solutions. Yazz began his first business at age 15, but it was after university that he first worked with digital signage. In those days, it was complex and limited. Yazz knew he could improve on the technology, so he built a prototype to showcase the potential. Attracting both investment and additional founders with a strong technology pedigree, Five Faces was borne. Yazz has grown this business from a small start-up to a leading-edge business servicing blue-chip customers in Australia and overseas.

Abdul Alabri, CIO and Founder

Abdul is the founder and brains behind the Five Faces Health platform. He leads the Five Faces Health technical team to deliver all tailored solutions to clients.  He has a knack for translating business requirements to technical outcomes. He is the forefront of all things “cloud”, digital delivery and IoT.

Abdul has delivered projects for large government and enterprises but become a founder of Five Faces to apply his expertise as he was passionate about changing the way patients experience healthcare.  Abdul ensures that Five Faces Health invests in the latest technological R&D, ensuring the company is always bringing new solutions to enhance healthcare experiences.

Chris Gorry, Chairman

Chris has been working in the IT industry for more than 30 years, including 22 as a CEO. Notably, he founded, grew and sold Avand. Since the company’s successful sale, Chris has been consulting to large international conglomerates on strategy, mergers and acquisitions along with product development.

Chris was attracted to the role of Five Faces Health Chairman as like many people he had some subpar health industry experiences.  He saw significant value that the Five Faces Health platform and team could deliver to enhance all aspects of patient experience. Reducing patient discomfort while saving operational costs for health facilities is logical to Chris from both perspectives of a patient and strategist. 

Richard Matyear, Manager Digital Solutions

Richard has a pedigree in delivering digital solutions across audio-visual, electrical and software. He can communicate with clients to understand their pain-points and then bring together all the elements required to deliver the right solution. Richard believes everyone should have positive healthcare experiences, including the providers themselves. That’s why he joined Five Faces Health. Richard enjoys hearing from clients that their patients and visitors are more engaged, their staff communications have been made easier, while they have saved money to commit to other vital services.

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