Five Faces Streamlines BUPA Optical's Customer Interface


Bupa Optical stores were using an A-Frame display board for appointment availability times.  Constantly changing optometrist schedules and appointment times made the display difficult for staff to accurately maintain, while it was confusing for customers to read.  The manual system also took up valuable floor space.  Five Faces and Bupa Optical partnered to find a better solution. Accurate appointment times are now displayed to passing shoppers in a much more engaging manner using digital signage, which staff can update easily.

BUPA Optical

Bupa Optical delivers quality eye care and benefits designed exclusively for Bupa members. Bupa is a health partner delivering Members First benefits at all Bupa Optical stores. Their qualified Optometrists will provide expert eye care including advice, information and tips about how a customer can benefit from correct lenses, frames and contact lenses. Bupa Optical stores offer a range of products to help suit customer needs.

Specific Challenges and Solutions.

A customer entering Bupa Optical determined appropriate appointment times using a manual system, which was often inaccurate and a cause of frustration.   Due to the complexity of the manual system, staff were wasting time and effort in trying to keep up to date with changing appointment availability. BUPA Optical engaged Five Faces Health to find a solution to this problem and improve the experience for customers. 

This solution involved:
  • Multi-level control digital signage.
  • Building a mobile-friendly app enabling each site the ability to log in from their phones or computers and change appointment availability in real time then have it reflected on screens within seconds.
  • Head office can schedule the app as part of the content mix for digital screens or choose to dedicate a screen to appointments while still being able to oversee activities done by site staff.
  • When no appointments are available, content on the screen changes to ask customers to come in and enquire about a future time.

Since implementing the Five Faces Health platform staff efficiency and customer experience have improved.

As a customer with prescription glasses, trying new frames can be challenging. By taking off their current pair of glasses, clear eyesight will be compromised making evaluating new frames difficult.  Five Faces worked with Bupa Optical to solve the problem using OmniMirror technology in a small format tablet.  Customers can now take a photo of themselves on an interactive mirror and then review the photos while wearing their current glasses. The customer can even take multiple photos from different angles. By now easily seeing how their new glasses may look customers are helped and more confident through the decision-making process.


Bupa Optical through the delivery of Five Faces technology has enhanced customer experience and increased staff efficiency.  Overall look and feel of Bupa’s stores along with customer engagement has also improved.

Five Faces offers a technology solution that can have significant positive impact on businesses in the health sector.

If you would like to discuss your facility’s needs contact us today for a consultation. We would love to hear from you.

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