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    Hurstville Private Hospital

    Hurstville Private Hospital is an acute medical, maternity and surgical hospital located in Sydney and is a part of Healthe Care. As Healthe Care are determined and dedicated to providing premium healthcare, tools and facilities in an ever-changing industry, Five Faces was used to provide solutions to enhance visitor and patient experiences.

    The Interactive Directory
    A common and early frustration for visitors and clients when entering a hospital setting is wayfinding. If a visitor or client is on their way to a time-sensitive appointment, this can become a frustration that really inhibits the overall experience. Five Faces provided an interactive directory to the main entrance of Hurstville Private Hospital to solve this issue. A user can interact with this directory by touch and search for where they need to go either by area (ICU, maternity, pathology) or by searching for their specific doctor directly. A map is then presented to the user which shows where they are, where they need to go and how to get there.

    For those that are diversely-abled, Five Faces implemented a button that changes the UI of the directory to enable data input and easy viewing from a wheelchair. We also look forward to developing multi-lingual capabilities in the future. So far the interactive directory has had very high usage which goes to show how much of a common issue wayfinding is within a hospital setting, and how digital solutions can provide a time-efficient answer to this problem.

    Digital Signage
    To continue with providing a positive visitor and patient experience, Five Faces also deployed digital signage in each lift lobby. These screens utilise otherwise idle time by educating the viewer on the hospital, initiatives and fundraising events. The capability of changing what is displayed on the screens at any time means that relevant content can be shown based on the time of day (cafe/food court options) or time of year (flu vaccination promotions). Not only does this provide cost-effective advertising and marketing, but having digital signage in lobby areas provides a subtle form of entertainment and reduces perceived wait times.

    Technical Aspects:

    • Sony was used as a hardware partner
    • Commercial panels were not required
    • A commercial Philips screen was used for the interactive directory
    • An acrylic cover was used on the interactive directory for both protection and added aesthetic


    If you’re a part of a health organisation and want to your establishment to provide a connected experience to your clients, you can find out more about our digital solutions by contacting us today.

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