Mater Project

    Mater Hospitals found Five Faces Health digital communications systems including way-finding delivered more efficient operations and reduced costs.


    As a patient or visitor entering Mater facilities, it can be confusing with a myriad of options for specialists, clinics and other services.  Five Faces and the Mater Health Service solved this problem by providing interactive facilities enabling visitors to navigate their way.  Five Faces innovative approach significantly reduces stress and confusion, while improving the overall experience for all patients, staff and visitors.

    Mater Health Service

    Mater Health Services comprises several hospitals, specialist centres, a world-class medical research institute, pathology and pharmacy businesses—all with one aim—to provide exceptional care. Mater’s concerted pursuit of innovation—to discover, improve, adopt and adapt—differentiates Mater as a leader in the areas of health, education and research.

    Specific Challenges and Solutions.
    Entering a hospital as a patient or visitor can be stressful and disorientating.  Finding where to go to get support from the right person can be difficult in an unfamiliar area, increasing anxiety.  Five Faces Health has solved this problem by installing their innovative interactive directories in the lobby. Patients and visitors can now:

    • Search for a facility or clinician by name.
    • Find the floor/room number associated.
    • Pull a guided map to the clinic.


    A visitor can efficiently find out where they need to go, improving their overall experience.
    Mater’s re-vamped youth health services clinics operate in various locations in a new section of the hospital.  These clinics and their locations frequently change leaving staff disorientated and confused.  Five Faces created an automated process whereby:

    • Authorised staff could enter from their computer or phone what clinic is open, in what corridor the clinic is and what queue visitors should join.
    • Based on information entered the platform will in real time, display clinic names in each queue line, so visitors know exactly where to register upon arrival.  A large portrait screen informs visitors what corridor to visit to find their clinic after registration. 
    • Digital Screens at each corridor again inform visitors where they are and direction to walk.
    • Visitors are presented with tailored information, advertising and entertainment content while waiting, which is controlled remotely by the marketing and communications department.

    Five Faces technology has reduced overall patient and staff confusion and improved efficiency.
    Inevitably for patients and visitors to hospitals, there can be extended wait times. Mater Health Service wanted to entertain and engage its pediatric patients, thereby reducing perceived wait times and enhancing their experience.  Using Samsung Android Tablets, Five Faces provided a solution that:

    • Mounted securely to the wall at various heights with full rotate and tilt capabilities.
    • Enabled the tablet to be locked down to only authorised games and Apps.
    • Enabled a customised wallpaper with optional screensaver when patients are not using the device. 


    Five Faces technology provided a quick and easy solution to the hospital and patients.
    In addition to the solutions described above patients and visitors can now email themselves brochures or information, reducing paper costs and lost brochures. Post-hospital care instructions can be clearly communicated in a move to reduce readmission rates. Overall our technology significantly improves overall patient, staff and visitor experience.

    Through delivery of Five Faces technology Mater Health Services has been able to deliver a complete engagement experience for its patients, visitors and staff. This engagement significantly improves experiences of all stakeholders, increases efficiency and assists Mater Health Services reach its corporate goals.

    Five Faces offers a technology solution with significant positive impact on businesses in the health sector.

    If you would like to discuss, your facility’s needs contact us today for a consultation. We would love to hear from you.

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