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Terry White Chemists wanted to provide a custom skin care experience to customers who wished for a more tailored product for their skin. Five Faces was selected to bring this to life on the Five Faces platform, and we helped them provide an end-to-end digital solution including:

* Hardware design, selection, procurement, warehousing and distribution
* Software design, specification, development and configuring the Five Faces platform to allow central management and reporting
* Deployment across a targeted 130 sites around Australia
* Ongoing monitoring, support and management services with next business day turnaround

The Bespoque experience is as follows:

* Customers in the store will be engaged by the content on the screen as well as the product placement and general Bespoque stand
* The customer can utilise the kiosk to answer questions about their skin condition and pick the colour and name of their tailored cream
* Based on the information provided, the kiosk will recommend ingredients that should be added to the cream for best result – the customer can add/remove additional ingredients based on any allergies or personal preferences
* The customer is given a price of the cream tailored to the ingredients, and then is asked to enter their name and email before submitting the order
* Upon submission, the order is integrated with the point of sale so that a pharmacist can find the order and begin making the cream on the spot
* The cream is packaged with the colour and name of the customers choice, and is delivered to them, completing the transaction

From the management side:

* Management can login to the web portal to see the transactions made on the day by store, region or all, as well as change information on the kiosk
* Management can pull reports on all aspects of the system including use, transactions and missed transactions
* Management can add/remove users and store details to integrate with their store processes
* Management can customise content for specific stores or regions based on demand

The entire platform is developed, hosted and managed by Five Faces. Bespoque has received great media coverage and customers are enjoying this tailored service.

Contact Five Faces with your kiosk requirements or to learn more about our custom kiosks.


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