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Motorama - Welcome Kiosk & Outdoor Screen

Motorama were looking to provide a tailored experience for customers visiting the all new Motorama Ford Centre in Brisbane. Having already deployed digital solutions across various showrooms around Brisbane, Five Faces were once again selected as the technology partners for Motorama.

Apart from Digital Signage, Five Faces provided some key solutions that provided customers of Motorama a fantastic in-store experience.


Outdoor Service Centre Digital Display

Motorama wanted to provide a connected experience for customers coming in to get their vehicle serviced. The system integrates with Motorama’s X-Time software to delivery on-screen informaton on which customer is next for a service and what vehicles are ready, as well as information on where the customer should park and additional servicing options available. This is updated in real time and could be changed by Motorama staff remotely and instantly as required. The screen selected was a high brightness, outdoor capable Panasonic Screen that allowed customers the ability to view the screen from their cars some distance away, and was powered by a low-end compute stick.

Customer Welcome Kiosk

Customers who have made an appointment with the Ford Centre would be greeted via a Kiosk near reception showing them the name, appointment time and sales consultant. A notice congratulating people that will be taking delivery of their new Ford that day (VIPs) is also provided, and Sales staff can update this from their mobile phone as required. The kiosk can also have other messages added and removed as required by Motorama staff, and this is managed remotely via the Five Faces Platform.

OmniMirror App:

Motorama also opted to use our social media app – OmniMirror Lite. This app allows for sales staff to take photos of happy customers next to their new vehicles and share that on Motorama’s social media page, which is liked, tagged and shared to other prospective buyers. This fun social media element enabled Motorama to increase the ‘virality’ of their social media presence and drive more traffic to their dealerships.

Five Faces partnered with Panasonic for the outdoor screen, Aopen for the indoor welcome kiosk and Apple for the iPads on which OmniMirror Lite is installed on.

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