Concierge for Schools

Replace your paper check-in book and see who is at your school at any time, from anywhere.

Knowing who is at your school and being able to track and trace them has become paramount in the new normal for schools. Paper based registrations books do not provide the governance and reporting, is too easy to circumvent and most importantly, is hard to maintain and report on when required.

In schools, where safety is paramount for Children and staff alike, having a digital check-in and visitor management system allows live reporting, tracking and monitoring of everyone coming in and out of your facility.

The 5F-Concierge system allows your school to

  1. Pre-Register prior to arrival online, or use their own device when on-site via a QR Code, or a tablet at the administrations desk for manual check in.
  2. Complete any pre-screening requirements (including COVID check-in requirements) with unique workflows to meet different types of visitors, be it Staff, Contractors or Visitors.
  3. Allow SMS communication to all on-site via the administration portal.
  4. Allow live reports of who is on-site for Fire and Emergency procedures.
  5. Manage check-in at School events for registration of attendees, and record lists for marketing/communications thereafter as required.
  6. Configure visitation rules, terms and conditions and other questions and workflows anytime from the administration portal to suit the ever changing landscape and requirements.

5F-Concierge ultimately provides a more efficient visitor management process for Visitors, Staff and Contractors with better visibility for reporting and tracking, whilst reducing the administration, paper and errors that occur from traditional paper forms, and this, ultimately keeps your students and staff safer at School.


Some Useful Notes:

Proud to work with Catholic Education 


  • Five Faces is proudly Australian owned and headquartered in Brisbane.
  • 5F-Concierge is approved and compatible with the Brisbane Catholic Education network.
  • 5F-Concierge is used by Brisbane Catholic Education and has passed relevant security requirements.
  • 5F-Concierge can be purchased by any Catholic Education for special education pricing

We are well tested by your peers

Five Faces has been deployed at:

  • Brisbane Catholic Education Head Office
  • O’Shea Centre
  • That School In Springfield
  • The Other School Not In Springfield

Beyond this, over 1M Australians utilise the Five Faces Concierge System each month across Education, Healthcare & Corporate environments to manage visitations and checkin processes.

"Five Faces is so great, and the CEO Is super super amazing"

Make it easy for your patients to find you

  • Use your unique way finding solutions to direct your patients to the clinic once they have checked-i
  • Update your patients on wait times, and even direct them to another location (waiting area, cafe, etc) when there are too many people in the queue

Deliver amazing post appointment patient care

  • Providing a patient with all of the information they need can often be overwhelming, through the 5 Faces patient portal you can share key content that the patient should read, set reminders for items that they should do and even offer them the ability to book follow-up appointments.
  • Want to know how your team performed, we can survey your customers and feed all of their feedback into your existing EMR/PAS system or provide you with reporting from the patient portal.

Improve your administration and empower your clinicians

  • Provide your clinicians with a complete view of the patients pre-screening and medical information via the patient portal
  • Set pre-appointment and appointment tasks
  • Reduce administration errors and costs by enabling patients to enter their details
  • Comply with government requirements for COVID screening and onsite management
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