Interactive Directories

Interactive directories help visitors find people and places at your facility. Whether you have a single building or an entire campus, interactive directories are an easy and efficient way to help visitors.

The power of touch

Interactive directory boards get visitors where they need to go

Nobody likes getting lost. If you’re running late or trying to get to an appointment, it’s stressful and frustrating. Interactive touch screen directories guide your visitors and make navigation instant and easy. They reduce complaints, free up valuable staff time, and save costs updating physical directory boards.

With our interactive digital directories, you can:

  • Centrally control and alter names and locations for each board
  • Provide a search function so that people can find a particular person, location or service quickly and efficiently
  • Support multiple languages and provide audio support for those with hearing impairments
  • Provide a map to guide the visitor, especially if they need to navigate large areas or go to a different building
  • Add a customised screensaver to communicate messages when nobody is interacting with the screen
  • Integrate with back end systems, for example to show staff on duty or expected wait time
  • Split your screen into zones and allow central and/or local control of each zone


Interactive directories are useful whether you need a single building directory or a system for an entire campus. We help customers in many different industries with their directory requirements, such as hospitals, shopping centres, universities and more.

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