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We digitise complex consumer journeys for hospitals, government departments and other service providers. 

We make complex simple.

The New DX5

Making complex simple

An elevated digital experience to our DX5 Framework – the technology that powers all our solutions.

Phone screens with Five Faces' Digital Front Door Patient Hub solution

Digital customer experience solutions

Our solutions provide connectivity and visibility for all. Automate workflows and improve experiences for consumers, employees, volunteers and more.

Your digital front door for consumers to manage appointments, submit forms, complete surveys, send secure messages and more.

Digitise forms to automate workflows, improve accessibility and enhance privacy. Forms are easily integrated with existing systems.

Provide digital touchpoints, visitor screening and check-in for facility visitors – while giving staff full visibility over site activity.

Digitise service provision with virtual appointments, such as telehealth. Workflows are tailored to your needs.

Reimagine the consumer journey from end to end with timely SMS prompts and reduced wait times.

Publish instant communications centrally to digital displays for environments of every scale at a single venue or a range of locations.

Proven benefits

Rapid Innovation

95% positive sentiment of the digital consumer experience

wait time

Queue wait time reduced by up to 40%


Rapid deployment with solutions rolled out in as little as two weeks

Supporting complex service providers

Patient engagement for healthcare and hospitals

Citizen engagement for government departments

Stakeholder engagement for not-for-profit services

Consumer engagement for hospitality businesses

Student engagement for universities, colleges and schools

Consumer engagement for next-generation, retail stores

Case studies

Five Faces clients tackle complex challenges with rapid digital innovation.

Alfred Health responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with rapid digital innovation for visitor management and a hotel support services concierge system.

The University of Queensland reduced student wait times by 30-40% with digital queue management, while gaining valuable data and reporting for added insight.

Bupa Health took a digital-first approach to reimagine and elevate their in-store experience, while cutting wait times and employee administration.

The smarter way to innovate

Our unique platform makes digital transformation strategic, scalable and sustainable. Create a central place to innovate and meet growing demands faster with automated, self-service workflows.


Innovate at speed

Our solutions are low-code and modular. Automate your workflows and get solutions deployed in record time, without needing long development cycles.


Configure + customise

Easy configuration and customisable features mean you can manage your solutions and make instant updates — without the need for frequent tech support.


Create seamless experiences

Our technology brings together disparate systems to create a beautiful, seamless experience for your end users – regardless of underlying integrations.


Future-proof your strategy

With a broad and expanding range of solutions, you can start small knowing you won’t hit a functionality wall. Scale later by volume or capability: it’s future-proof innovation.

Proudly delivering the best in technology with our partners

Frequently asked questions

Five Faces provides digital solutions tailored for a diverse range of sectors, including healthcare, government, education, retail, hospitality, and not-for-profit. Our solutions are designed to address the unique challenges of complex service providers in these industries, such as gaining consistency across multiple sites or facilities, improving, digitising, and automating the customer experience, meeting varying customer needs including the needs of vulnerable consumers, meeting regulatory compliance, and improving operational efficiency.

From consumer portals to queue management, our modular solutions and platform approach serve to simplify and streamline the digital consumer experience for service providers and consumers alike. For consumers, the experience is seamless and centralised. For service providers, we ensure that the investment in consumer experience is scalable and strategic – enabling solutions to be easily scaled across departments or facilities, and vertically as demand increases. Then there is the benefit of working with a single vendor that can provide broad capabilities, with modular solutions simply added on to provide new capabilities.

We recognise the significance of security and regulatory compliance, especially in sectors like healthcare and government by prioritising data and information security and adhering to industry regulations.

Then there’s our people and partnership approach. When we work with clients, we bring our team together with yours. It’s a ‘one-team approach’ where we share goals, systems, and knowledge to achieve something greater than the sum of both parts.

Our team of talented experts – across industries, technology, service, and partnerships – are committed to supporting your innovation journey with a trusted relationship, world-class solutions, and responsive service.

Digital experience solutions are innovative software and hardware offerings that provide seamless and interactive experiences to customers and users across various digital touchpoints, such as websites, portals, and interactive kiosks. For complex service providers, such as government bodies and hospitals, digital experience solutions typically encompass customer portals, virtual or telehealth appointments , queue management, smart forms, and digital signage. These digital experience solutions facilitate more efficient interactions and enhance engagement between customers, employees, and other stakeholders interacting with complex service organisations. They automate complex workflows and communication touchpoints, such as confirmations and reminders for self-service appointment bookings.
Digital experience solutions improve customer engagement and satisfaction by streamlining processes, enhancing accessibility, and delivering personalised experiences. For instance, customer portals provide customers with self-service access to essential information and workflows – such as making and changing appointment bookings. Virtual appointments enable seamless remote consultations for customers who cannot easily visit a physical location. Queue management solutions reduce wait times, leading to higher customer satisfaction. Smart forms simplify data collection, improving customer experiences. Digital signage and wayfinding solutions enhance navigation and communication within physical locations. By leveraging these solutions, organisations can provide user-centric experiences that meet customer expectations, leading to increased engagement and overall satisfaction.
Implementing digital experience solutions offers numerous benefits for complex service organisations such as education providers. These benefits include:
  • Enhanced customer experiences: By providing seamless and personalised interactions, organisations can deliver superior customer experiences, leading to increased loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.
  • Increased efficiency: Digital experience solutions streamline processes, reducing administrative burdens and optimising resource utilisation. One example is using automated reminders and self-service changes to appointment bookings to reduce the rate of no-shows to appointments. This efficiency boost enables organisations to serve more customers effectively.
  • Data-driven insights: These solutions offer valuable data analytics and insights, empowering organisations to make informed decisions, identify trends, and improve their service or product offerings.
  • Improved communication: By providing automated, just-in-time communication along the customer journey, digital experience solutions provide valuable guidance to customers accessing complex services – and reduce anxiety and confusion.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Digital experience solutions can be tailored to suit the specific needs of different businesses and are scalable to accommodate growth and changing requirements.
  • Competitive advantage: Adopting innovative digital experiences positions organisations as industry leaders, setting them apart from competitors and attracting a broader customer base.
  • Compliance and security: Digital experience solutions from reputable providers, such as Five Faces, adhere to industry standards and regulations, ensuring data security and compliance with relevant laws.
We focus on supporting complex service organisations to digitise their customer experience. This includes:
  • Hospital and health care services: Hospitals, clinics, and public health authorities can leverage smart forms, patient portals, virtual appointments, queue management, and digital signage to improve patient experiences and streamline healthcare services.
  • Government services: Government departments and bodies can enhance citizen interactions and service delivery by offering smart forms, citizen portals, automated workflows, interactive kiosks, queue management and digital signage at public facilities.
  • Educational institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities can utilise digital experience solutions for student services, interactive wayfinding, and queue management during enrolment and other administrative processes. Student/parent portals and digitised forms are also important.
  • Retail: Complex service providers with retail outlets – such as insurers and optometrists – can benefit from digital touchpoints to guide the in-store and service experience. This can include digital signage, digital queue management/check-in, appointment setting and creation, digital forms and feedback, digital loyalty cards – and even virtual appointments for service delivery and follow-up or personalised shopping experiences.
  • Hospitality: Hospitality businesses can implement digital loyalty cards, digital signage, digital drive-thru menu boards and queue management to enhance customer convenience, reduce wait times, and improve overall customer satisfaction.
  • Not-for-Profit: Digital experience solutions can benefit not-for-profit organisations to streamline service delivery, enhance fundraising, facilitate volunteer management, and enhance trust and transparency with donors and stakeholders. Customer portals and digital forms typically form the basis of the not-for-profit digital experience.
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