A single pane of glass for the patient across all mediums, focusing on the end-to-end Digital Patient Experience from Digital Front Door to Digital Patient Journey, Visitor Management, Wayfinding, Visual Communications… all the way to PREMs

We help connect the patient to your care, the way you choose to provide it.

Five Faces is a healthcare specialist, working with small to large hospitals across public, private, and not for profit. We work with primary healthcare and specialty clinics on delivering improved care by keeping the patient connected to you at every step… before appointment, for remote service, for virtual care, and through the entire journey that guides them at the physical facility.

Our modular solution allows you to leverage your existing platforms and integrate into ours (via HL7, FHIR or through our RestFUL APIs) to provide a seamless experience to the patient whilst hitting key healthcare KPI such as:

  • Reduction of Do-Not-Attend Rates in Outpatient and Specialty Environments
  • Sizable reduction in cost of print and resources associated with appointment follow-ups
  • Allowing patients to fill out forms and access required information before their appointment, and allowing staff to connect with patients in advance
  • Allowing automation of questions, patient tasks and access to information to ensure the patient is informed and empowered
  • Integrating Telehealth/Virtual Care from within the patient portal
  • Managing wait times, queue management and walk-in scenarios to reduce perceived wait and crowding inside facilities
  • Managing visitors, contractors and staff coming to the facility, and automating tracking and tracing using IoT Devices
  • Allowing effectively automated check-in on appointment day, compliance/screening and consent questions, all from a secure environment
  • Notifying clinicians and staff of check-in and wait times and allowing automated rules to govern delays
  • Managing bedside entertainment via BYOD, connecting in to meal ordering systems for comfortable bedside management
  • Integrating PREMs into the workflow to ensure feedback and patient experience is kept at the forefront.

We provide the end-to-end service incorporate Software Integration, Hardware, Install, 24/7 Support, as well as On-Site Maintenance.  All our technology can be hosted on-premise or on your own Azure/AWS instance, or you can choose our own Australian hosted Cloud Platform (AWS) as required.

Contact us today for one of our specialists to take you through our capabilities and learn how we can help craft your unique patient journey.

Our Capabilities

  • Patient Portal / App: We can provide a digital front door to your healthcare facility that is truly patient centric, incorporating bookings, task management, healthcare information, atomic digital forms, virtual/remote monitoring, messaging and multi-lingual capabilities through to consent/screening and PREMs.
  • Kiosks and Apps: Enjoy end-to-end patient check-in, visitor/contractor management and any number of applications in healthcare for self service.
  • Visitor / Contractor Management: Bring an enterprise view to managing traffic at your facility and cater to the complex workflows required in a healthcare setting.
  • Directories & Wayfinding: This ranges from getting your patient checked-in, to showing them how to navigate the physical space, be it digital directories or integrating with bluedot wayfinding via RTLS or LTE Beacons. Our Navigate module also extends to staff tracking, equipment tracking and flexible workplace management.
  • Digital Signage / Displays / Patient journey boards: Communicating to patients/visitors/staff in the physical space is made easy with our enterprise level digital signage software and management platform, which can connect to your healthcare systems to disseminate the right data at the right time.
  • Machine Learning / AI: Start to understand your physical space with our camera analytics platform that give you granular information about who entered where, and alert you accordingly. We integrate with AI for chat bots, camera analytics, and workflow automation to bring the latest capabilities to you.
  • Full Software Development / Integration: Every healthcare provider is unique. We provid software development and customisation to ensure we fit in to your unique environment.  Our software developers are in-house in Australia, and we have access to outsourced services to scale large bodies of work quickly.
  • 24/7 Support: We provide end-to-end support services, from physical on-site support to software/application all the way to cloud consultancy.
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