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When you start adding digital touchpoints in your physical premises, there’s one thing that’s crucial: central control. That’s where it’s important to make sure you’re using the best digital signage software.


The Five Faces Platform is an Enterprise cloud-based management portal that allows the central control of all your devices. Whether your solution includes digital screens, interactive directories, kiosks, tablets, mobile phones or more, you get to manage it all from the same platform.


This means one unified view, one place to publish, and one vendor to deal with – no hassles with third-party providers and multiple vendors.


Why central control matters:

  • Provide timely and relevant messages to users with the ability to control content remotely, even from a mobile device
  • Enhance the experience of your users by having full visibility over system status while receiving detailed reports on interaction
  • Provide more targeted messaging by allowing local site personnel to control content.
  • Increase efficiency with a unified platform to manage your digital signage, kiosks and other devices
  • Minimise costs and operational requirements with a fully-managed and hosted solution
  • Increase data collection and analytics by gathering data digitally from your audience and integrating with your BI tools.
  • Build automation by integrating the platform and devices to your existing information systems and mobile apps. No more duplicate data sets as we integrate seamlessly with third-party platforms.
  • Tailor your solution to match your workflow and blend into your technical ecosystem. Make it as simple or as sophisticated as you like.
  • Schedule content on one, multiple, or all screens at various times, for example, at specific times to coincide with upcoming events.
  • Know how your content is performing, by generating reports to show you the number of times a file has played. This is excellent whether you’re after it for OH&S or audit compliance, or whether you wish to track the sales impact of your promos.



With our centrally managed platform, you can transform any physical environment to an intelligent, data driven, profitable one by reaching customers, employees, visitors, and anyone whose attention you’re after.


Brands funnel huge investments into their online channels. From websites, apps, social media, to email, most companies have a sophisticated suite of digital tools to engage with consumers.

But when consumers interact with a brand’s physical channel (such as a retail store or a hospital), the digital link breaks. Their experience becomes largely analogue. This fails to delight consumers, leaves money on the table, and, essentially, the customer experience falls short.


A single Platform for all your needs

We help you bridge the gap between your online and your physical environment. With our complete suite of digital signage solutions and services, you can work with a single supplier, on a single publishing and management platform, for all your needs. This is the Five Faces Platform.


Unlimited customisation potential

As a premiere software house, our integration and development services can connect legacy and current systems together and build custom applications and workflows as required, and finally, our project delivery, consultancy and maintenance services ensures complete continuity of service.


Sovereignty and support

5F Platform is hosted in Australia to maintain data sovereignty. It can also be internally hosted on your infrastructure. Our 24/7 Support Centre is available to provide you with rapid assistance in line with your needs.


 A highly agile software that integrates seamlessly with any technical ecosystem, whether you’re after the simplest signage or the most complex automated workflow… the resulting experience of 5F Platform will thrill you.



For customers and visitors


For employees

  • Reach staff who don’t have email or are rarely at their desk and keep them up-to-date on important announcements and changes.
  • Instantly communicate important messages to staff wherever they are including tea or change rooms.
  • Deliver important health and safety messages with full tracking and use this to ensure compliance.
  • Enable two-way communication to enable ‘feedback from the floor’ and ensure that all employees are heard.

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