DX5 Framework

The CIO’s choice for strategic, sustainable, scalable CX innovation

The DX5 Framework is the low-code technology foundation that powers all our solutions, making them a consistent set. It provides the building blocks for consistent digital consumer experiences.

The innovation runway is unique. Start small with a single solution to gain quick digital wins. When you’re ready to innovate further, simply add another solution that uses the same, familiar, configurable technology.

It means consumers get a consistent experience across their journey.

It means staff get a consistent experience planning and managing these journeys.

It means you can make complex simple.

The CIO’s dilemma

For CIOs at complex service providers, the pressure to digitally transform the consumer experience isn’t simple. 

There’s an ever-growing backlog of projects and pressure from consumers and stakeholders to do better. But legacy enterprise systems aren’t built for great consumer experiences. Waiting for existing vendors to do better, building your own solutions, piecing together point solutions… aren’t ideal solutions.

Instead, smart CIOs make a platform play, choosing a tech vendor they can go deep with to solve many CX pain points across the enterprise. One set of cohesive technology, one innovation partner, one cohesive experience for all.

Configure and control locally

The DX5 Framework is driven by configuration – delivering rapid innovation without development. This gives you unprecedented control to make changes locally and respond quickly to changing needs. You can customise branding, workflows, business rules, and content or add new sites – without any development.

Building blocks to support your innovation journey

Our solutions are modular. Each solution can be used on its own, or combined to create seamless consumer experiences. You can start small with a single solution to gain quick digital wins and simply add modules as you go, like building blocks. The breadth of our solutions combined with the consistent underlying framework makes the innovation runway unique.

Complementary, not competitive
The power of one

Employees gain a central place to innovate that enables digital CX transformation across a broad range of capabilities. This in turn ensures a seamless experience for consumers over many digital touchpoints, combined with a single sign-on. It allows the organisation to act as one, as solutions are easily deployed for new use cases, new departments or new facilities – helping to break down the silos that cause disjointed experiences. 

Address accessibility

Our clients support society’s most vulnerable people, and our technology reflects that. Accessibility is front and centre, especially for users with visual disabilities. Our solutions adhere to international standards and conventions – the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the AGIMO Web Guide, enable easy multi-lingual rollouts, and provide capabilities such as speech-to-text. 

Build as you go
Easily integrate

Gain sustainability from legacy systems, by filling the gaps and creating consistent experiences for consumers no matter what the underlying integrations. The DX5 Framework is easily integrated, connecting data from different sources to ensure interoperability.

Central management of unlimited displays
Protect data with flexible cloud options

The DX5 Framework can be hosted on any private or public cloud to meet client requirements for data sovereignty and security.

Boundless scalability
Scale today (and tomorrow)

The DX5 Framework is built for scale – both horizontal and vertical. Scale horizontally by deploying solutions across different departments, facilities or regions, easily configuring workflows to meet local needs. Scale vertically knowing the technology is proven under pressure.

Talk to us to create your unique digital journey with our DX5 Framework.