Digital Visitor Management Solutions

Welcome visitors to your facility with automated, accessible workflows. Our solution is highly flexible to cater for visitors, staff, contractors and suppliers – and extend to other consumer engagement touchpoints.

Streamline check-in, screening and workflows
with full accessibility and control

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Maximise visibility, minimise administration

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Improve safety and compliance

Keep your facilities safe, compliant and efficient


Automate workflows

Relieve your staff of time-consuming manual processes


Create a great first impression

Engage and welcome visitors and stakeholders


Gain visibility and real-time reporting

Always know who is onsite and why with dashboards

Self-service bookings

  • Visitors can request a visit, make a booking ahead of time or book in on arrival
  • SMS and email reminders ensure a smooth visit
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Screening and feedback forms

  • Use a drag-and-drop interface to create and modify screening and feedback forms
  • Use cases include COVID-19, clearances, health and safety, consent, contractor workflows – and more
  • Can include terms and conditions, tooltips and help

Instant check-in with choices

  • Enable easy check-ins via QR codes, accessible kiosks, tablets, web browsers or Smart Cards that act like digital passports for instant check-in
  • Flexible options: facial recognition, group check-in, assisted check-in and more
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Multi-lingual and accessible options

  • Visit requests, screening forms and check-in can easily be translated – currently 18 languages supported
  • Screen reader support for vision-impaired visitors
  • Conforms to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines level AA and AGIMO Web Guide
  • Allow for varied delivery modes (self-service, kiosks, staff-assisted)

Gain full visibility, control and emergency alerts

  • Access dashboards and reporting in the administration portal for full visibility over visitor numbers, density and bottlenecks at your facilities
  • Manage crowds with visitation and density limits
  • Create workflows and forms without technical support – our solution can be locally configured
  • Push out emergency alerts when needed to all people on site

Integrate to existing systems and extend as you need

  • Integrate visitor management to systems, for example, Microsoft Teams, Active Directory, calendars and more
  • Extend to other modules as you need – such as Queue Management, Smart Forms and more

Successfully implemented by clients around Australia

Western Sydney
Local Health District

This highly diverse health district kicked off their digital consumer journey with visitor management – including check-in, registration and screening in multiple languages.

Alfred Health

This Victorian healthcare provider implemented visitor management during COVID-19 – on time, on spec and on budget. The agility of the system has been crucial to adapt to changing conditions.

Visitor management in a retail environment includes a digital customer journey that starts with greeting customers with a digital kiosk. The result is an elevated brand experience and reduced wait times.

Frequently asked questions

A visitor management system is a sophisticated software solution designed to oversee and track the entry and exit of visitors at a facility or site. By replacing traditional manual logs with a digital platform, the system simplifies the visitor appointment booking process, improves security measures, and ensures a seamless experience for both visitors and hosts. This solution proves particularly valuable for complex service organisations in sectors such as healthcare, government, education, and not-for-profit, where efficient visitor access oversight is crucial. The prominence of visitor management surged during the COVID-19 era, especially in facilities like hospitals and quarantine hotels, necessitating tracking all individuals entering and leaving. Since then, the use of digital solutions for visitor management has become common.

Our visitor management system encompasses a comprehensive array of features tailored to meet the unique needs of complex service organisations. These include:

  • Streamlined visitor check-in and optional screening through digital self-service kiosks or mobile QR codes.
  • Customised workflows, capturing specific information based on visitor type and purpose.
  • Multi-lingual and accessible options catering to diverse visitors.
  • Instant staff notifications via SMS, email, or app notifications upon visitor arrival.
  • Emergency alerts for all current visitors in case of an emergency.
  • Dashboards and reports provide data-driven insights into visitor traffic for informed decision-making.
  • Seamless integration with access control systems for enhanced security measures.

Visitor management is integral for complex service organisations as it prevents unauthorised access, enhances overall security, and streamlines check-in processes. Our solution reduces wait times, increases staff productivity, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements by accurately recording visitor details and the purpose of visits. A well-managed visitor experience positively influences the organisation’s image and professionalism. Visitor data analysis provides insights for resource allocation and operational improvements.

Our visitor management system offers numerous advantages for complex service organisations, including:

  • Improved Efficiency: Streamlined check-in processes, reduced wait times, and enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Security: Accurate visitor tracking and identification to reduce security risks and prevent unauthorised entry.
  • Data Analytics: Insights into visitor patterns aiding resource planning, optimisation, and individual visitor tracking.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Meeting legal and regulatory requirements through accurate visitor documentation.
  • Professional Image: A seamless visitor experience reflects positively on the organisation’s reputation and overall consumer experience.

Our visitor management system is highly adaptable, allowing customisation based on each client’s unique needs. Visitors can pre-book online, providing essential details and the purpose of their visit. Upon arrival, streamlined check-in through self-service kiosks or mobile QR codes ensures efficiency. The system can notify staff instantly about visitor arrivals and their purpose. Integration with access control systems adds an extra layer of security, allowing only authorised visitors. The captured visitor data supports future analysis, reporting, and operational planning.

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