Digital Check In Solutions

Centrally managed check ins for visibility and crowd control

Having visibility over the traffic in your facility is crucial. Our Check In module allows you to deliver this digitally and maintain a central source of information.

Swift, user-friendly check ins
Swift, user-friendly check ins

Enable easy check ins at your facility with QR Codes, web browsers or accessible kiosks. Facial recognition makes the process even faster for repeat visitors.

Automated, flexible workflows
Automated, flexible workflows

Whether you’re dealing with visitors, customers, staff, or contractors, it’s easy to set up workflows that support different journeys. COVID protocols can easily be changed as restrictions fluctuate.

Cloud-based with real-time data
Cloud-based with real-time data

All updates happen in real time, giving your staff complete visibility over activity on your premise. Staff can intervene in the check in process as required.

Check In
What this means for visitors and staff

With its modern and accessible interface, this module connects you to your foot traffic intuitively and inclusively.

  • No more pen and paper check in registers
  • Group check-ins and facial recognition
  • Automated processes that minimise manual administration
  • Flexible workflows for rapid changes, such as additional COVID protocols
  • Intelligent, data-driven decisions and dashboards of your trends

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