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Digital Citizen Engagement Solutions for Government

Transforming citizen engagement

Consumers of government services are not only expecting, but demanding more efficient and effective ways to engage. Digitising the consumer journey improves communication, increases access, unburdens staff, and empowers consumers.

The impact of digital

A recent study* of Australian and New Zealand citizens found:


Expect to use digital services most of the time when accessing government services


Are more satisfied when using a digital platform


Say their experience interacting with government agencies affects how they vote

How we help


Empower consumers to make and update bookings, communicate with service agencies, provide feedback and more

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Complete consistency

Provide a seamless, consistent experience to consumers – across geographies and service models – no matter what source systems are used

Care and kindness

We put consumers first. Our solutions are accessible to everyone, create personalised and guided experiences, and deliver digital with empathy

Improved experiences for all


Experience a more convenient, accessible and guided service journey

Administration Staff

Cut administration tasks and spend more time servicing citizens


Create faster, more efficient services that lift satisfaction and make a difference

Solutions across the citizen journey

Create a complete digital citizen experience or simply fill in the gaps in your existing digital system. Our solutions sit on top of the same technology platform, meaning you can start small and scale when you need to – all using a single vendor. It’s innovation runway for the future.

Drive citizen engagement with easy self-service and visibility for all stakeholders

Improve efficiencies and remove bottlenecks for a seamless experience

The easiest way to change to virtual service provision and enable virtual appointments

Streamline the visitor experience with intuitive, custom workflows for check-in and screening

Digitise data collection and automate your workflows

Get smarter about how citizens and other visitors check in: use a digital passport

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Make instant updates to citizen and staff communication

Ensure your campus is accessible with wayfinding, from simple to sophisticated

Results that deliver ROI

Here’s what our clients have achieved with our solutions:




Reduction in appointments
No Shows


Reduction in
wait times

The smarter way to innovate

Our unique platform makes digital transformation strategic, scalable and sustainable. Create a central place to innovate and meet growing demands faster with automated, self-service workflows.


Innovate at speed

Deploy in record time with low-code and modular solutions.


Configure + customise

Make instant updates without the need for frequent tech support.


Create seamless experiences

Ensure consistent experiences regardless of underlying integrations.


Future-proof your strategy

Start small and scale later by volume or capability: it’s future-proof innovation.

Citizen engagement resources

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Navigating your facility is an important part of consumer experience. 

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