Virtual Appointment Management Solutions

Virtual service delivery doesn’t need to be complex. We offer an easy wrap-around interface to your existing meeting technology. It gives consumers the ability to make and change virtual appointments, while service providers gain automated workflows, a branded experience, and data integration and reporting.

Enhance service delivery with virtual appointments


The easiest way to add virtual appointments to your consumer journeys

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Provide greater accessibility

Support regional, time-poor, and vulnerable consumers


Go virtual with minimal disruption

Add a virtual service model with minimal technology impacts

Countless possibilities

Create a seamless experience

Use one provider for all touchpoints – and create complete consistency


Automate workflows

Automatically add interpreters or other support resources to virtual appointments

Configure virtual appointment management to suit your needs

  • Create digital experiences to suit your needs – whether you wish consumers to request virtual appointments or your employees to initiate them
  • Automate workflows, such as creating a virtual appointment on registration or from an appointment waitlist
  • Set appointment length, send confirmations and add participants and other resources, such as interpreters

Leverage your existing tech

Enhance your existing technology (such as Microsoft Teams) with a streamlined virtual service delivery experience:
  • Gain an organisational view of virtual appointments
  • A Consumer Portal interface can be provided to accompany appointment bookings with extra capabilities
  • Access a full history of appointment bookings, attendance, length, and chat history – which can be integrated into source systems
  • Create a branded experience

Extend to other digital touchpoints

Virtual appointments are just one digital touchpoint in your consumer journey. You can create a full, seamless experience using other Five Faces solutions, such as:
  • Digital Smart Forms to accompany appointments
  • Automated tasks and workflows for consumers or employees
  • A Consumer Portal as the central hub for communication – the ‘single source of truth’

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