Digital Directory Solutions

Dynamic digital directories to guide those in your environment

Our tailored directory solution updates in real time, keeping your communication up to date and reducing the burden on staff.

Staff control over updates
Staff control over updates

Staff can easily make real-time changes to the directory fields, ensuring communication is up-to-the-minute throughout your organisation and reducing the burden on reception staff.

Reduce guesswork
Reduce guesswork

Visitors can quickly find where to go and easily navigate your premises as directories minimise their guesswork, waiting and frustration.

Customisable and on brand
Customisable and on brand

Our customised templates allow you to create a directory interface that reflects your brand style.

Buildable with wayfinding

For larger, more complex facilities, your directories can be enhanced with wayfinding. Our BindiMaps integration delivers a highly comprehensive, accessible navigation experience for both indoor and outdoor settings.

What this means for your visitors and brand
  • Instant, easy updates to “what’s on and where”
  • Staff control and visibility
  • Clear communication with those on site
  • Reduced burden on reception desk
  • Reduced visitor frustration
  • An elevated brand experience

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