Digital Wayfinding

If people are getting lost at your facility, you need an innovative wayfinding solution that makes navigation quick and easy.

Help visitors find their way

With a digital wayfinding solution

Visitors getting lost at your facility can be a huge disruption – to staff time, to appointments, and all to the detriment of your brand experience. That’s why most facilities are adding a digital element to their wayfinding system.

There are many options available: at Five Faces, we work with you to create a fit-for-purpose solution that does just what you need it to, without over-complicating the visitor experience.

Your digital wayfinding solution can include:

  • An interactive directory where visitors can search for their destination
  • Support for multiple languages and accessibility options like audio support
  • Animated or dynamic maps showing the visitor the path to follow
  • Dynamically-changing content, especially where rooms are used for different purposes on any given day. This includes integration with your back end systems
  • Reinforcement screens, for example at each corridor to inform the visitor where they are and which direction to turn.
  • Apps that include wayfinding. They might also include appointment booking, reminders, fly-throughs for directions, parking or transport information, check in, queue management, feedback and follow up.
  • Cross-device functionality, such as wayfinding information on a website to allow a visitor to plan their visit, print directions, or download an app to guide their way
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