Smart Form Solutions

Digitising consumer data collection with smart forms offers benefits to consumers and administration staff alike. Eliminate manual data entry, automate workflows, ensure a positive consumer experience, and take a ‘tell us once’ approach to data.

Improve data collection with smart forms


Get smarter about data


Get data flowing

Gain instant access and real-time visibility to data

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Engage consumers

Protect consumer privacy and create a great experience


Automate workflows

Create triggers and workflows from smart forms

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Use a drag-and-drop form builder to build forms in minutes

Create great consumer experiences

  • Enhance engagement with beautiful smart forms that elevate your brand
  • Protect consumer privacy and improve data accuracy by eliminating paper forms and data entry
  • Pre-populate forms with data you already have and save consumers time
  • Improve accessibility with easy language translation and use with screen readers

Build forms in minutes

  • Use a drag-and-drop interface to digitise paper forms without technical resources
  • Include branching questions and pre-population of data from source systems to streamline the experience
  • Create a smart form for every occasion: intake forms, surveys, feedback, and assessments

Trigger automated workflows

  • Use form completion to trigger automated workflows
  • Create tasks for employees based on form responses
  • Configure workflows based on your business rules, such as location, consumer age, or service type

Easily integrate with source systems

  • Integrate smart forms with your existing enterprise systems to push and pull information where it’s needed
  • Pre-populate forms with data you already have
  • Create a modern interface for consumers to interact with legacy systems

Increase accessibility and inclusion

  • Easily translate smart forms via language packs
  • Ensure compliance with WCAG 2.1 AA
  • Allow consumers to use screen readers to access forms

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