Digital Front Door Solutions

For hospitals and healthcare providers to modernise the patient experience

Provide patients with a single point of access

Improve productivity and the patient experience

Enhancing your healthcare environment

Improve patient engagement

Personalise experiences that foster connection


Boost efficiency and productivity

Unburden staff from admin and improve capacity


Streamline communication

Automate touchpoints and provide more choice

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attendance rates

Reduce no shows and other inefficiencies

A white paper on how to take the Digital Front Door from strategy to execution, covering key questions, along with statistics, case studies, use cases and other helpful information.

Centralise communication and engage patients

Provide a central patient ‘hub’ for self-service updates and information, along with notifications, reminders, and secure messaging.

Streamline appointment bookings

Automate routine tasks for in-person and telehealth appointment bookings and ensure patients arrive prepared and informed.

Digitise check-in

Allow patients to check-in for their appointment via mobile, kiosk or with assistance.

Patient using check in kiosk and mobile check-in feature

Optimise queuing

Keep patients flowing, improve the wait experience and relieve bottlenecks.

Modernise forms

Digitise data collection with integrated smart forms and automated workflows. For patient intake, discharge, surveys and more.

Digital forms in Digital Front Door solution
Clinican viewing queue management in digital front door solution

Easy administration and full visibility

  • Employees gain full visibility into daily patient statistics and status and can pinpoint bottlenecks
  • Customised dashboards support different levels of your organisation, while data can be made available to existing reporting and business intelligence tools
  • The solution is fully configurable, including branding, workflows, business rules, resources, forms, comms template – without development
  • Patient interfaces are accessible and compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA standards, and can be localised into languages other than English

The smarter way to innovate

Our unique platform makes digital transformation strategic, scalable and sustainable. Create a central place to innovate and meet growing demands faster with automated, self-service workflows.


Innovate at speed

Deploy in record time with low-code and modular solutions.


Configure + customise

Make instant updates without the need for frequent tech support.


Create seamless experiences

Ensure consistent experiences regardless of underlying integrations.


Future-proof your strategy

Start small and scale later by volume or capability: it’s future-proof innovation.

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Transform the patient experience throughout your facility with our modular solutions

Transform the patient experience throughout your facility
with our modular solutions