Smart Form Solutions

Get smarter about collecting patient data and feedback, with smart forms that integrate with source systems.

Improve data collection with smart forms

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Get smarter about data


Get data flowing

Gain instant access and real-time visibility to data

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Engage patients

Protect patient privacy and create a great experience


Automate workflows

Create triggers and workflows from smart forms

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Use a drag-and-drop form builder to build forms in minutes

Create great patient experiences

  • Protect patient privacy and improve data accuracy by eliminating paper forms and data entry
  • Pre-populate forms with data you already have: Take a ‘tell us once’ approach
  • Improve accessibility with easy language translation and use with screen readers
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Build forms in minutes

  • Use a drag-and-drop interface to create forms without technical support
  • Include branching questions with conditional logic to display or hide questions based on the patient’s responses
  • Mark questions as mandatory or optional
  • Use form templates and work in draft mode before publishing

Trigger automated workflows

  • Use form completion to trigger automated workflows
  • Create tasks for employees based on form responses
  • Configure workflows based on your business rules, such as automatically assigning forms to patients or groups based on requirements such as appointment type, location or specialty

Enhance accessibility and inclusion

  • Easily translate smart forms via language packs
  • Ensure compliance with WCAG 2.1 AA
  • Allow consumers to use screen readers to access forms

Easily integrate with source systems

  • Integrate smart forms with your existing enterprise systems to push and pull information where it’s needed
  • Pre-populate forms with data you already have, pulling data from systems such as your eMR or PAS
  • Create a modern interface for patients to interact with legacy systems
  • Create consistent forms across your health service, regardless of the underlying system or location
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Frequently asked questions

A smart form solution is an advanced digital software tool enabling organisations to efficiently create, publish, send, and manage digital forms. The ‘smart’ part of the solution lies in its ability to integrate with enterprise systems so forms can be pre-filled with information, or new data can be pushed immediately back to source systems.

Our Smart Form solution automates workflows, streamlines data collection, integrates with enterprise systems, enhances user experience, and improves operational efficiency for our clients.

Utilising our smart form solution offers numerous benefits for complex service providers, including increased productivity, enhanced user experience, improved data accuracy, faster response times, improved accessibility, and simplified information management. Our solution empowers healthcare providers, government departments, educational institutions, and corporate sectors to efficiently collect and utilise accurate data, driving organisational success and efficiencies.

Our Smart Form solution offers a comprehensive suite of features, including an intuitive form builder, dynamic field validation, conditional logic, electronic signatures, data security measures, and seamless integration with existing systems. These forms can collect various types of information such as personal details, survey responses, registrations, assessments, and compliance data. Additionally, features like language translation and accessibility support ensure flexibility and scalability to meet evolving business requirements.

Smart form solutions enhance data accuracy by minimising errors in data entry through dynamic field validation and conditional logic. Features like electronic signatures and audit trails further enhance accountability, security, and traceability, ensuring reliable and accurate information. By utilising our Smart Forms solution, organisations can significantly reduce data entry errors, improve data quality, and make informed decisions based on reliable information.

Five Faces’ Smart Forms solution is tailored to address the unique challenges of organisations in healthcare, government, education, and other complex service providers. Our highly customisable and scalable solution seamlessly integrates with clients’ existing systems, prioritising user experience, automation, and security. With our domain expertise and commitment to innovation, we deliver a Smart Form solution that empowers organisations to thrive in a digital-first environment. Additionally, our Smart Forms solution is part of the DX5 Framework, enabling seamless integration into digital consumer journeys.

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