Corporate Digital Signage Solutions

Corporate digital signage bridges the gap between your digital and physical worlds. Used wisely, it becomes an integrated touchpoint within consumer and employee journeys. We make content distribution easy – while tackling harder challenges like integrating into your existing ecosystem and overall consumer journey.

Sophisticated solutions for complex service providers

Our speciality is complexity. We work with complex service providers in healthcare, government, education, real estate services, energy and other corporates. In retail, we support insurance companies, banks, telcos, optometrists, pharmacies, automobile clubs, hospitality providers and more.

We help you to tackle complex challenges such as:

Corporate digital signage

Gain an instant, automated communication channel

Countless possibilities

Gain central control over signage

Roll out campaigns and updates from HQ to sites in seconds

Rapid Innovation

Uplift the consumer experience

Engage, educate, entertain and help consumers on-site


Automate consumer journeys

Before, during and after their visit to your site or store


Meet enterprise needs

For uptime, data security, reporting and data privacy

Digital signage software

Our corporate digital signage software platform allows you to access and manage content remotely across your entire network of screens:

  • Upload, schedule and display content in a few clicks
  • Decide what can be controlled from head office vs locally
  • Cloud-based: Make instant updates across unlimited screens
  • Adjust content according to time of day, weather and other variables
  • Play popular media files: .jpg, .png, html, MP4 and more
  • Integrate with existing systems to show dynamic pricing and campaigns, POS displays, wait times, calling displays, people counting and other information

No-hassle hardware

  • Full choice as software is technology-agnostic
  • We can handle indoor and outdoor hardware procurement and advise if you can re-use existing hardware
  • Nationwide network of skilled corporate digital signage installers
  • End-to-end project management
  • Proven experience in large-scale and international rollouts

Full support

  • We provide full support across the whole lifecycle, from planning, to project management, implementation and ongoing support
  • We take responsibility for the whole solution: no ‘passing the buck’
  • We can help with content sourcing and production if required
  • Ongoing SLAs so you’re always covered

Standard corporate
digital signage solutions

For instant updates to consumer and employee communications

To guide visitors to your facility, can be enhanced with wayfinding

From interactive maps on signage to full mobile indoor and outdoor navigation

In-store and drive-thru menu boards for dynamic menus and offers

Enhanced consumer journey

Let visitors wait from anywhere, and add calling displays to digital signage for your waiting areas


Virtual Receptionist

Use kiosks to connect visitors directly with individuals or groups using auto attendants and call queues

Enhance your customer journeys with smart forms to collect data and trigger automated workflows

Do more with the DX5 Framework

The Digital Experience Framework (DX5) is the underlying foundation that powers our solutions and makes them a cohesive set.

It means you can start small with a single module – such as digital signage – and add modules as you mature… using the same configurable technology.

Australian health insurance provider Bupa Health took a digital-first approach to reimagine their in-store experience. Across stores, the customer journey is enhanced by digital, from the point of entry, to the wait experience, to feedback.

Frequently asked questions

Corporate digital signage refers to the strategic utilisation of digital display technology by corporate organisations to instantly and effectively communicate information. Whether in reception areas, waiting rooms, staff lounges, or other key locations within a facility, corporate digital signage enhances communication and engagement. This technology encompasses various applications such as passive or interactive digital directories, calling displays for improved queue management, and kiosks for streamlined check-ins. Our Corporate Digital Signage Solution is meticulously crafted to facilitate seamless information distribution, leveraging a cloud-based platform that enables organisations to display relevant content and messages across multiple screens and locations from a single, centralised platform.

Corporate digital signage accommodates a diverse array of content types, including:

  • Announcements and alerts
  • Occupational health and safety communications
  • Emergency protocols and critical updates
  • Weather forecasts
  • Ambient videos
  • Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)
  • Promotional materials for events
  • Company values and branding messages
  • Initiatives promoting mental health and wellbeing
  • Wayfinding and navigational aids
  • Educational content
  • Internal staff updates and communications

The Five Faces Digital Signage Solution empowers corporate entities to deliver engaging and informative content, thereby enhancing communication with their target audiences.

Employing corporate digital signage offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Improved communication efficiency through localised updates
  • Enhanced brand visibility and recognition
  • Streamlined information dissemination, ensuring consistency
  • Increased audience engagement
  • Real-time update capabilities

Our Digital Signage Solution caters to corporate entities across various sectors, including healthcare, government, education, real estate, and energy, offering a tailored approach to leveraging digital signage for creating impactful and meaningful audience experiences.

Managing and updating corporate digital signage is made seamless and efficient through a Digital Signage platform. Our intuitive interface allows service providers to easily schedule, modify, and control content displayed across screens and locations from a centralised platform. Key steps include:

  1. Uploading content in various media formats such as .jpg, .png, HTML, .mp4, and more.
  2. Selecting screens from the network to add to campaigns via their media player.
  3. Scheduling campaigns based on set timing groups or custom schedules.

User permissions can be configured to allow varying levels of access, from uploading media files to full administrative rights. With our cloud-based solution, corporate entities have the flexibility to execute updates remotely, ensuring that digital signage remains relevant, timely, and aligned with communication objectives.

Our corporate digital signage operates through the seamless integration of our Digital Signage software platform and hardware solutions. Utilising hardware-agnostic technology configured to media players connected to digital displays, our platform enables secure remote access and content management for single sites or networked screens. Multi Factor Authentication safeguards content and access, with features such as one-time passwords (OTPs) via SMS or email. Content management and scheduling are facilitated through a user-friendly interface, allowing integration with existing systems for dynamic content display. Whether in healthcare, government, education, retail, or other corporate industries, our digital signage solution delivers engaging, informative, and visually appealing content to the right audiences.

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