Vaccine Management Solutions

From appointments to compliance, remove the manual labour from vaccination workflows

Manage vaccination programs effectively, whether you are a vaccine service provider or need to administrate employee compliance to vaccinations.

Our Vaccination Management solution was born during COVID-19: we worked with health providers on solutions for mass vaccination bookings, surveillance testing, visitor management, and on-site workflows for vaccination delivery centres. At its peak, our solution was handling up to 14,000 vaccinations in a single day, with integration to eMR, AIR and other systems.

For vaccination providers and employers alike


Vaccination service providers

From public health, to private providers, local councils and pharmacies, our solution expedites vaccination appointments and staff workflows

Positive patient sentiment

Workforce vaccination tracking & compliance

For employers needing to track existing and prospective employee vaccination compliance, our solution automates consent and credentialling

Protect your people, at speed

Automate workflows

From vaccination appointments to credentialling, remove the manual labour from vaccination workflows

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Increase capacity

Automated, digital workflows enable you to scale up and increase vaccination capacity quickly and cohesively

Manage risks

Gain full visibility and an audit trail of records designed to ensure compliance, lower risks and easy reporting

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Go multi-lingual

Our solution is designed and proven to support multi-lingual needs and is suitable for global use cases

AIR approved

Five Faces is an approved software provider with the Australian Immunisation Register – with the ability to submit new data and query existing data. You can submit immunisation records directly to AIR without involving other systems, clinicians can review vaccine history, and you can query the register to check vaccine compliance.

Vaccination appointment management

  • Mobile-first consumer bookings to make and reschedule vaccination appointments
  • Includes SMS/email reminders
  • Complex booking allocations, such as family groups, interpreter services, priority bookings, and multiple doses
  • Medical screening and vaccination consent forms
  • Ability to offer a multi-lingual consumer interface
  • Extend to Check-in and Queue Management
Australian Immunisation register integration portal requests

Employee and candidate vaccination credentialling

  • Ensure staff and job candidates are compliant with vaccination requirements
  • Automate the credentialling process
  • Create an immunisation register or integrate with an existing register or HR system
  • Integration with the Australian Immunisation Register or others
  • Allow employees to provide proof of vaccination via form upload
  • Track vaccination status of new hires and existing team members and issue reminders

Automation of pharmacy workflows

  • Integrate with existing pharmacy systems and stock management systems
  • For pandemic response, a closed loop medication system to manage pharmacy preparation of doses is available to streamline workflows
Pharmacy preparation of vaccination doses

Mass vaccination and pandemic readiness

  • Mobile-first booking with validation, consent and cohort-based booking allocations, plus SMS reminders
  • Contactless kiosk or QR code check-in and digital queue management
  • Swabbing, such as automated processes for staff to self-administer surveillance testing
  • Visitor management tracking and reporting to aid contact tracing
  • Integration with Electronic Medical Records and other systems

Administration portal

  • For employees to configure workflows, rules, forms and notifications
  • Dashboards for pharmacy and clinic reporting to aid capacity management, minimise wastage and optimise patient flow
Schedule messages based on automated action templates using smart comms

Multi-lingual support

  • Consumer-facing interfaces are easily translated into multiple languages
  • Includes appointment booking management, surveillance, screening or check-in forms and other consumer touchpoints


Public health mass vaccination clinic

During COVID-19, Five Faces collaborated with an Australian public health provider to create solutions for mass vaccination, surveillance testing and visitor management in quarantine hotels and airports.

The outcomes of this unique collaboration are clear:

  • Digitised, automated, and positive consumer experience, consistently rated by consumers at 90%+ positive sentiment

  • Solution scaled to successfully administer over 1.85 million vaccinations

  • 1+ million users (and counting) traceably checked in/out of facilities

  • State Government award

The solutions have since been applied to manage Monkeypox and Japanese Encephalitis.

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