Digital Visitor Management Solutions in Health

Streamline your visitor experience with intuitive, custom workflows
Maximise visibility, minimise administrative burden

Our Visitor Management module features user-friendly, customisable workflows so patients and visitors alike are empowered to digitally self-manage, allowing staff to intervene when required.

Visitor Management
Automated, user-friendly workflows
Automated, user-friendly workflows that minimise guesswork

Visitors, staff and contractors register via a digital kiosk or simply pre-book their visit from any mobile device. Details are updated in real time to a singular database.

Minimum routine admin and maximum crowd control
Minimum routine admin and maximum crowd control

As users self-manage and receive reminders, staff involvement in day-to-day administration is substantially reduced. Visitation and density limits can also be set for maximum crowd control.

Data and reporting
Data and reporting

Dashboards and reporting on your visits provide long-term data that facilitates informed decision making. Post-visit feedback forms are administered just as easily, bringing you valuable perspectives on user experience and areas for improvement.

Buildable with wayfinding and beyond
Buildable with wayfinding and beyond

Large facilities can further expand their solution by including wayfinding with Bindi Maps integration or digital directories for a guided, intuitive user experience.

Visitor Management
What this means for your visitors and your healthcare organisation

With a modern, accessible interface, our Visitor Management module connects you to your visitors intuitively and inclusively.

  • A user-friendly web-based experience for visitors and staff
  • Staff visibility over check ins, check outs, and other activity
  • Built-in controls such as density limits and vaccination requirements
  • Automated processes that minimise manual administration
  • Tailored, flexible workflows
  • Automated reminders and confirmations
  • Intelligent, data-driven decisions informed by visit trend data

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