Healthcare Digital Signage Solutions

Instant communication for healthcare environments of every scale
Centralised, targeted and instant communication is a priority for healthcare facilities

Our Digital Signage module allows healthcare providers to publish content instantly and centrally, throughout a single clinic or across a range of hospital locations.

Central management of unlimited displays
Central management of unlimited displays

No matter the size of your network or how many locations, you have remote control over each display.

Schedule what plays where and when
Schedule what plays where and when

Plan your content in advance with the ability to change at a moment’s notice. Each display can show a unique message or you can have multiple displays running in sync.

Instant, unlimited, targeted content updates
Instant, unlimited, targeted content updates

Communication is targeted, relevant and on-brand with a built-in content designer. You can even integrate with Business Intelligence (BI) tools to auto-target your messaging.

Hardware agnostic
Hardware agnostic

Our software is compatible with most displays. Procure your screens from us or simply use existing infrastructure.

Health Suite Digital Signage
Inform patients, engage staff and reduce costs and appointment times

Digital signage has a range of uses at healthcare facilities:

  • Instant communication of facility, staff and patient information
  • Showcase healthcare services to patients
  • Directories for easy guidance around your facility
  • Communicating COVID protocols
  • Engage with roving clinical staff
  • Staff training and OHS messaging
  • Celebrate culture and community

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