Patient Engagement Solution

A central hub for patient engagement: Self-service updates and appointment management, information, notifications, reminders and messaging

A central hub for patient engagement

  • Provide a patient ‘hub’ to communicate with patients throughout their journey
  • Allow patients to make self-service updates of personal information and choose preferences for language and communication
  • Provide resources, information and fact sheets
  • The secure web application requires no app download and is fully mobile responsive across device types
  • Enable patients to share access with family members and loved ones
Patient hub home page with check-in and notifications
Older woman sitting on bench while looking down at mobile phone with overlay patient hub appointment management features

Allow patients to manage appointments

  • Provide patients with an easy interface to your existing appointment systems (PAS, eMR or scheduling)
  • Show upcoming and historical appointments
  • Allow patients to confirm appointments or request changes – and reduce phone calls
  • Send reminders, information, wayfinding and notifications to minimise missed or late appointments
  • Create consistency across clinics, hospitals and models of care – including telehealth

Guide the patient journey with communications

  • Deliver just-in-time SMS, emails and push notifications
  • Define automated workflows, business rules and triggers
  • Send broadcast messages to groups of patients
  • Send manually-triggered messages such as informing a patient of a delay
  • Explain pre-visit actions, such as required preparation or request form completion
  • Offer two-way, secure messaging between patient and health service
  • Support accessibility requirements, for example patients needing to use screen readers or avoid phone calls, or requiring translation
Woman talking to clinician on telehealth appointment

Make telehealth appointments easy

  • Leverage your existing meeting technology with our easy wrap-around interface
  • Patients can request, confirm or change telehealth appointment bookings 
  • Staff can see upcoming and historical appointments, automate workflows, add participants, family members and other resources such as interpreters and specialists – and send appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Meeting recordings and chat history can be integrated into other systems such as your eMR or PAS

Add a patient passport

  • Provide a patient passport to aid easy check-in – similar to the airline experience
  • Patients add the passport to their Apple or Android wallet and scan on arrival
Patient passport in patient hub for check-in
Clinican viewing queue management in digital front door solution

The ease your health service needs

  • Employees gain insight into operations and service bottlenecks
  • Reduce phone calls, no shows and admin and free up time for patient care
  • The solution is fully configurable to each clinic, department or site – without developers
  • Customised dashboards support different levels of your organisation
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Data can be shared with reporting and business intelligence tools

The smarter way to innovate

Our unique platform makes digital transformation strategic, scalable and sustainable. Create a central place to innovate and meet growing demands faster with automated, self-service workflows.


Innovate at speed

Deploy in record time with low-code and modular solutions.


Configure + customise

Make instant updates without the need for frequent tech support.


Create seamless experiences

Ensure consistent experiences regardless of underlying integrations.


Future-proof your strategy

Start small and scale later by volume or capability: it’s future-proof innovation.

A white paper on how to take the Digital Front Door from strategy to execution, covering key questions, along with statistics, case studies, use cases and other helpful information.

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Transform the patient experience throughout your facility with our modular solutions

Transform the patient experience throughout your facility
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