Digital Health Patient Engagement Solutions

Innovative healthcare journeys that support improved patient outcomes

Elevate your patient care and unburden staff by harnessing the power of digital solutions. Our Patient Engagement solution delivers an intuitive, meaningful patient experience, and enables staff to easily administer quality care.


Connection and Empowerment

An engaged patient has control, transparency and access from beginning to end

Patients can register, fill in forms, book and manage appointments, navigate to their appointment and more – all from a single portal. Patients can also view past appointments and relevant records, retaining visibility on their journey to better health.

Our solutions are user-friendly and mobile-responsive and remove the need to download an app.

At every touchpoint, patients stay connected to their healthcare service. SMS and email reminders keep patients abreast of appointments, built in features enable communication with their service provider and prompt completion of paperwork.

Patients can access valuable information prior to their appointments to reduce questions, provide comfort and mitigate confusion, for example, what to bring, fasting before a test, how to get there.

It’s easy for patients to provide feedback on their experience from their online Patient Engagement portal. An engaged patient can play an active role in improving your healthcare systems. 

With a highly customised Patient Engagement solution, it’s easy to stay connected to those patients with disabilities, language barriers or technological limitations so they can benefit from quality care.


Visibility and Efficiency

Patient engagement means integrated workflows that are aligned to your priorities

From a singular portal, providers can communicate directly with their patients —sharing reminders, explaining processes and procedures and more. Automated SMS and email prompts are proven to reduce DNA/FTA rates.

Providers can also connect to patients via TeleHealth within the same solution.

Your patients’ status, pending actions and appointments are all visible on a single platform and updated in real time, allowing staff to intervene as required.

Making adjustments to appointments, creating and administering forms, messaging patients, uploading collateral and much more are all facilitated from one location. Paper processes are also significantly reduced, saving money and reducing environmental impact.

Our Patient Engagement solution ensures a singular source of truth. Connections to your eMR and other technologies provide updates in real time, eliminating the risk of disparate or duplicate datasets.

Patient Engagement brings you invaluable data, allowing you to evaluate and improve your workflows. Administering feedback (PREMs/PROMs), reviewing dashboards and reports and evaluating trends in your facility are all easier than ever.

The Patient Engagement Difference: Your ROI

Digitising your patient journey delivers the best for patients, staff and your organisation, with a clear return on investment:

  • More time with patients and improved outcomes
  • Reduced repetitive administrative tasks and overheads
  • Lower DNA/FTA rates as automated reminders prompt patients
  • A singular source of truth without data duplication
  • Fewer paper-based processes and greater sustainability
  • Setting the foundations for long-term, continually improving care

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