Smart Comms Solutions

Guide patients through their personal health journey with just-in-time communications. Healthcare providers can automate, personalise and translate patient communications via SMS and/or email for digital patient engagement touchpoints.

Keep patients informed throughout their personal health journey

Smart Comms typically forms a logical first step in digitising patient engagement, by providing quick wins with minimal effort. It doesn’t require the complexity of a portal or app, yet delivers a solid foundation for digitalisation that can later be extended to digital forms or a portal.

A strong communication foundation


Provide just-in-time information

Guide the patient journey with timely, helpful information

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Meet diverse patient needs

Not every patient will use a portal. Get the basics in place first

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Support multi-lingual needs

Enhance understanding by translating messages in multiple languages


Address any point in the journey

Communicate without limits: across departments and systems

Automate and customise

  • Automate patient communications to improve the experience and save time
  • Customise and schedule messages based on your unique needs and triggers in the patient journey
  • Use communication templates to ensure consistency
  • Add merge tags to insert dynamic content from your source systems
Smart Comms email and text notification reminders message templates

Support languages other than English

  • Cater to the diverse language needs of your patient cohort
  • Manage multi-lingual message content and ensure patients receive messages in their preferred language

Set rules and schedule

  • Schedule messages based on automation rules and triggers
  • Examples include:
    • Appointment reminders 1 week and 1 day before appointment
    • Post-service survey 1 day after appointment
    • Loved-ones surgery updates
  • Gain full local control over rules – no development or vendor intervention needed
  • Supports multiple triggers for a single service, and messages minutes, hours, days or weeks before or after the service
Schedule messages based on automated action templates using smart comms

Use across departments, locations and use cases

  • This flexible solution can be used across any department, source system or integration type (such as an extract file or HL7)
  • Use cases include: outpatient appointment reminders, surgical services, post-discharge information, ad-hoc broadcast messages and more

Broadcast efficiently

  • Communicate ad-hoc information to large groups
  • Easily manage situations such as clinic cancellations or delays, or emergency evacuations

Extend to other modules

  • Smart Comms integrates seamlessly with other modules, allowing you to extend the solution later
  • Typical next steps would be digital forms that are sent with reminders, or advancing to a patient portal, while still supporting patients who don’t opt-in for the patient portal

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