Telehealth Appointment Solutions

Extending your health service delivery to virtual care doesn’t need to be complex. We offer an easy wrap-around interface to your existing meeting technology. It gives patients the ability to make and change virtual appointments, and offers health providers automated workflows, additional branding and data integration and reporting. You can apply these virtual care capabilities across your service – from virtual ED, to multi-disciplinary telehealth, to aged care.

Improve health service delivery with virtual care


The easiest way to establish a patient-centred virtual care model


Provide greater accessibility

Support regional, time-poor, and vulnerable patients


Deliver virtual care with ease

Add a virtual service model with minimal technology impacts

Countless possibilities

Create a seamless experience

Use one provider for all touchpoints – and create complete consistency


Automate workflows

Automatically add interpreters or other support resources to appointments

Configure telehealth appointment management to suit your needs

  • Create digital experiences to suit your needs – telehealth appointments can be initiated by patients and/or employees
  • Automate workflows, such as creating a telehealth appointment on registration or from an appointment waitlist
  • Add participants, family members and other resources such as interpreters or multiple specialists – and send appointment confirmations

Leverage your existing tech

Keep using your existing technology (such as Microsoft Teams), with a streamlined experience:

  • A central platform all staff can access that shows an organisational view of telehealth appointments
  • A portal interface can be provided to accompany appointment bookings with extra capabilities
  • Access a full history of appointment bookings, attendance, length, and chat
  • Integrate a copy of the meeting recording and chat history into other systems – your consumer portal, eMR or PAS
  • Create a branded experience

Extend to other digital touchpoints

Telehealth appointments are just one digital touchpoint in your patient journey. You can create a full, seamless experience using other Five Faces solutions, such as:
  • Digital Smart Forms to accompany appointments
  • Automated tasks and workflows for patients or employees
  • A Patient Portal as the central hub for communication – the ‘single source of truth’ – with the same technology to automate workflows

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