Directories & Wayfinding for Hospitals

If people are getting lost at your health facility, you need an interactive directory and wayfinding solution that makes navigation quick and easy.

Improve navigation

With wayfinding information on interactive directories and mobile devices

People getting lost at your hospital can be a major issue. Not only is it often one of the top reasons for complaints, but it’s a huge disruption – to staff time providing directions, and to clinical staff for late or missed appointments. That’s why Five Faces has developed digital directory boards and wayfinding apps to alleviate the specific pain-points experienced  by patients and visitors.

There are many options available: at Five Faces, we work with you to create a fit-for-purpose solution that does just what you need it to, without over-complicating the navigation experience.

Your digital wayfinding solution can include:

  • An interactive directory where visitors can search for a clinician or location
  • Support for multiple languages, along with accessibility options like audio support
  • Maps showing the patient, visitor or staff member the path to follow
  • Dynamically-changing content, which is particularly useful where hospital rooms are used for different purposes on different days. We can integrate with your backend systems to make the updating process automatic
  • Reinforcement screens, such as screens at each corridor to inform the visitor where they are and which direction to turn.
  • Apps that include wayfinding. We can create an app that helps to guide the patient journey, such as making appointments, reminders, fly-throughs for directions, parking or transport information, check in, queue management, feedback and follow up.
  • Cross-device functionality, such as wayfinding information on your hospital website to allow a visitor or patient to plan their visit, print directions, or download an app to guide their way
  • Feedback and evaluation to help further improve the patient experience
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