Five Faces Team

The Five Faces team loves the challenge of solving your communication issues with creative visual communications solutions.

Our leaders

Our vibrant management team is comprised of leading industry executives and includes two company directors.

Inspiring confidence in customers and employees alike, these are the people who will spearhead the success of your digital signage project.

Yazz Krishna, CEO

Yazz is a skilled entrepreneur who enjoys embracing new ways of looking at existing practices. These talents, along with a lifelong fascination with technology and communication, allow Yazz to provide clients with targeted solutions. Yazz began his first business at age 15, but it was after university that he first worked with digital signage. In those days, it was complex and limited. Yazz knew he could improve on the technology, so he built a prototype to showcase the potential. Attracting both investment and additional founders with a strong technology pedigree, Five Faces was born. Yazz has grown this business from a small start-up to a leading-edge business servicing blue-chip customers in Australia and overseas.

Abdul Alabri, CTO and Director

Abdul is the founder and brains behind the Five Faces platform. He leads the Five Faces technical team to deliver all tailored solutions to clients.  He has a knack for translating business requirements to technical outcomes. He is the forefront of all things “cloud”, digital delivery and IoT.

Abdul has delivered projects for large government and enterprises but became a founder of Five Faces to apply his expertise as he was passionate about changing the way patients experience healthcare.  Abdul ensures that Five Faces invests in the latest technological R&D, ensuring the company is always bringing new solutions.

Nicole Nixon, COO and Director

Nicole is an expert at guiding fast growing companies through periods of growth. The secret behind Five Faces’ growth so far? Fanatical levels of service and support. Nicole is here to ensure that your digital project is installed and maintained to exacting standards. Customers come first at Five Faces, and Nicole looks forward to understanding your needs and leading your digital journey.

Nicole has a broad range of leadership experience across multiple industries and brings this deep business understanding to your digital project.

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