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Wayfinding Solutions

Wayfinding Solutions

A recurrent frustration expressed by customers is the inability to find a retailer, or if within a retailer, unable to find a product site. Wayfinding applications on the Five Faces platform alieviates this complication by providing customers with the ability to:

* Search for their destination and see an animated/dynamic path to the location.
* Search their destination in multiple languages and with accessibility options like audio support
* Reduce confusion, frustration in finding products, retailers or other facilities
* Reduce the rate of inquiry at service desks and service desk personnel
* Integrate with smart phones to allow customers to carry necessary information wherever they go

Five Faces wayfinding solutions will eliminate stress, confusion and will enable centre management to communicate key messages to visitors with central control. If this sounds appealing to you, contact Five Faces to discuss your wayfinding requirements. We can provide the complete hardware, software, installation and ongoing support.


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