Five Faces Partners with BindiMaps

hospital wayfinding
Digital wayfinding for indoor and outdoor spaces

We are pleased to announce that Five Faces is officially partnering with BindiMaps – leaders in accessible digital navigation. 

This partnership between Five Faces and BindiMaps adds cutting-edge navigation features to our existing Check In, Directory, Visitor Management, Queue Management, and Patient Engagement solutions.

At Five Faces, we create workflows each day that enhance the user experience throughout your facility. With BindiMaps, we offer another layer of connection, to guide and empower users on their journey.

We look forward to working with BindiMaps and bringing to life innovative solutions that make the complex simple.

Benefits of BindiMaps

  • Suitable for practically any indoor or outdoor space: from single-level retail centres, to entire campuses and hospitals
  • Easy accessibility with a natural language audio system to support visitors with vision impairment
  • Improves the visitor experience and alleviates pressure on staff

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