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You are undoubtedly familiar with the prowess of data that can be collated online, but what about your physical environment?

With today’s technology, the data you can collect about people coming to your physical stores might be just as significant and nuanced. What’s more, automated technology makes it possible for you to make custom recommendations to people via facial recognition.


It’s about capturing and analysing data on your physical environment, including tracking equipment and people, understanding traffic flow, people counting, and facial recognition.


What kind of intelligence are we talking about?

  • Heat maps to indicate which parts of your store are attracting visitors and which ones aren’t
  • Tailored automated content on digital screens based on who is standing in front of them–for example, kids’ meal offerings to families, male fashion promotions for men and female fashion promotions for women, VIP offers to cardholders with an RFID tag, and more
  • The ability to inform where to put visual merchandising displays based on traffic patterns
  • Demographic data to inform decisions about marketing campaigns and what to stock – for each location
  • Sales vs traffic comparisons across multiple outlets
  • Foot traffic claim verification (the ability to use your own data in lease negotiations!)


Don’t ignore the wealth of intelligence you can gather from your physical store. It’s often just as compelling, if not more, than the data you get online!

Further, facial recognition can be an asset in boosting sales, in managing behaviour, and in auditing the events going on at your premise.


Facial recognition can be an asset to facilities in a myriad of ways. How about boosting sales, rapidly spotting unwanted behaviour, and monitoring everything going on at your premise?


Here is why facial recognition is so much more than a buzzword:

  • Hospital emergency rooms can identify aggressive behaviour at the earliest opportunity and put alerts in place
  • Banks can recognise VIP customers or customers who have visited another branch already that day (and need to jump the queue)
  • Universities can recognise their students and provide tailored information, such as the location of their next class
  • Retailers with high value stock can identify potential shoplifters, for example by pinpointing people who visit multiple outlets on a single day
  • A virtual concierge can be added to digital screens such as welcome kiosks or wayfinding screens. We use Amazon Sumerian – take a look.
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